Saturday, May 19, 2018

I am an ADD Quilter

After suffering through a dearth of nothing in the thrifting realm, mystery quilter came through - here are my $5 fabric finds this week, some yardage, a precut batik kit originally marked $40 (lovely fabrics) and other blocks shown below. 

Finding patchwork pieces is my absolute favorite thing because one of the best parts of quilting is when the flimsy is finished. Of course, there is the final finish of binding but that almost seems anticlimactic after a top is completed. 

I have discovered that a person's personality is reflected in any creation they make, including quilts. I know my creative process is filled with fits and starts, distractions of my own making. I am an ADD quilter. I queue up projects and then the newest, next best thing comes my way *squirrel* and those other ideas, waiting patiently in the wings, are pushed again to the back. I chafe against detailed piecework and minutiae quilting. While I can appreciate the work involved, it is not my style. 

So what has bumped my Watercolor Quilt project? What I like to call Wallflower Quilts, those that are mainly light grey or light yellow. Mystery quilter made these light yellow blocks, some containing what I am sure are vintage fabrics. Some of these will be sent back to the Great Thrift Shop Beyond because I don't think pale yellow is a good companion to black or red fabric. After squaring them up, I will have a Wallflower quilt flimsy in no time.
I am furiously quilting away to finish my State Fair entry which also doubles as my creation in the Art with Fabric Blog Hop post on May 24th. 

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