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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Hunting Fishing Camping

Best of Trail Cam this past month - this Hollywooding young buck. 

Rather than toss out an old sleeping bag, I fashioned patches from material and hand quilted and sewed them on. I took a heavier weight cotton material, ironed down all the corners at a scant 1/4", and then used a hand quilting thread. Not only to stitch the patches on, but to run a quilting stitch through all the layers and front to back.  

The Mr. lives for hunting, fishing, and camping. There is no greater Nirvana than that in his world. While I am more of a

A round of book listings meant this 1974 publication (2 of them), went on the eBay board.

You can't go wrong with this type of vintage publication. The book on game bird carving sold. 

December is nearly here! Please visit daily for the Countdown to Christmas 10 Year Celebration.

Saturday, November 27, 2021

People Are Weird

In my spare time, I post toy demonstration videos, mainly for items I sell on eBay. Other times, just for kicks and giggles. 

Wind up cowboy Snoopy has had over 5,000 views. I simply don't understand why. A previous video demonstrating a push toy racked up 3,000 views. 

I can just imagine my legacy - some 100 years from now. They will be discussing my videos in some college course? Why doesn't she appear on camera? Why does she always wear gloves? What kind of political statement is she making????

Anyhoo, segueing to my great culling of the thrift shop CDs. I figured it came out about right that I would be sending around half of them back to the Great Thrift Shop Beyond. I kept around 10% for myself, gifted 10% to others, and will list the rest. 

One of the holy grails of CDs is the Garth Brooks in the life of chris gaines. It has been a couple of years since I have stumbled onto one of his CDs in a secondhand store. It will sell quickly and for $30+. 

It does feel good finally organizing all of the product that I have gathered over the past two years. There is one last tub of CDs I will hold for another day. 

Friday, November 26, 2021

Busy listing away

One of my newest Christmas CD thrift shop acquisitions. The artwork alone makes it a keeper. 

I have almost moved through my Christmas-themed fabric wrapped around my eBay orders. I have one bolt of hunting-themed fabric that can be used throughout December. 

Made my 1,600 listings goal for end of November. The push for December will be to get all of the sewing patterns listed and cull out the old patterns that are not moving. My attention will then turn to the 200 or so regular CDs. I never checked the backs to see if they were scratched so I anticipate I won't list 1/3 to 1/2 of those in my death pile. 

Finally, got my wire rack storage system for the listed patterns. I have been purchasing fabric-lined baskets at thrift to eventually house all of them. Big box retailer cardboard boxes have been my stand-ins. 
I am thrilled with this new system. There is even room to grow! I hope to have all of my death pile items listed by year's end. 

Christmas is right around the corner. Hope you aren't experiencing any shopping difficulties. I lined up the gift basket deliveries earlier in the month.   

The Countdown to Christmas begins December 1 - celebrating 10 years of that event!

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving

Giving thanks!

Sharing an image from an estate sale in an obscure location in Amador County. This was the second sale event they held here so I was able to get a picture the second time. 
Most sales are estates with newer residences, this one is clearly from another time period. 

Early Christmas present to myself. I spent WAY over budget to pick up this 1962 oil on canvas #18 by Edwin Dorris. It was one of those days that I felt compelled to visit this certain thrift shop. The painting had just been placed out for sale. 

I know the technique that he used for the background to the fish on the plate. The artist will apply layers of paint and then scrape away to leave a remnant of the top layer exposing some of the layer beneath. 

The checkout clerk at thrift mentioned there was more artwork to come that was stored offsite. I will be visiting a certain thrift shop more often. For some reason, November, December, and January are the best months for finding original artwork. The other painting by that artist was well executed but I am not particularly attached to migration subjects. 
Pulled the TikTok account because of a weirdo stalker. Too bad. It would have been a lot of fun. I also deactivated my Instagram and Pinterest accounts. Thank you M and your A cohort. Not giving up this blog. 

Friday, November 19, 2021

Perils of Liking Your Own Merch

What I mean is the perils of selling Christmas CDs is that you also keep too many of them. This is the newest addition to my collection. A King's College 1962 recording reissued in 1989. A little water-stained on the inset, and a skip heard means it would not be headed for an eBay listing anyway. 

Side note here, the summer after I graduated from high school, in July I toured Europe with America's Youth in Concert as a French hornist. A choir also traveled and performed with the orchestra. By the end of the month-long tour, I had all of the songs memorized and would sing along at every concert. 

I remember at one outdoor concert held in Italy, (I can't recall exactly which town) when we finished playing an Aaron Copland piece. There was a group of men near the French horn section who clapped enthusiastically and were so appreciative of the music. 

It was the trip of a lifetime in 1977 being able to visit Rome, Venice, Paris, Innsbruck (Austria), Geneva (Switzerland), and London. I had to beg my parents to let me go on the trip. The cost was $1,500 and I had to promise I would pay back all of that money. Worth. every. cent. 

I wandered around Europe alone and with others on the tour. Eighteen years old and oblivious to anything that could possibly harm me. Now that I have taken some art history classes, I saw how I missed all of that incredible architecture and artwork all around me. I fell asleep on a bench at the Louvre and was roundly chastised in French by the guards.

But I digress, another item I have kept was this Better Homes and Gardens 1953 first edition. It is tattered and stained. I want to scan in some of the graphics and recipes. I may or may not put this one up for sale. I keep the earliest editions of these types of cookbooks.

I am swimming in sewing patterns, for me they are just so easy to find. Now I know the uncut ones sell the best, so I skip the cut patterns unless they are really unusual. 

On the job front, interviewing has intensified. The 20+ job applications with the state are now coming to fruition. At the Senior Legal Analyst level there is more than one analyst position I can lateral over, or promote to first level management. Am hoping the stars will align ~

Countdown to Christmas begins December 1. 

Here's to good things about to happen!

Friday, November 12, 2021

Lemme tell you bout my second job

Random Raggedy Ann

Inching my way to 2,000 listings on eBay. I have found that once I hit the 1,000 listings mark, I really started to make $$. It also means storing a lot of stuff. Even littles, like sewing patterns, take up a lot of room. 500 of that total is patterns, with another 100 waiting to be listed. 

Without a doubt, estate sales are the best for sourcing. I am going to take a collapsible cart from now on, especially if there are books involved. Bought a camo one, just for kicks and giggles. Movin' on up into the Big Time. (Not a paid promotion.)
The books have been the best of the bunch with a recent estate sale producing well-kept books from the 1970s. This lush 1976 publication I priced the highest, well worth the $35 asking price for the right collector.

Christmas CDs are my bread and butter. They are usually in excellent shape because people only listen to them once a year, if that. More often than not, people buy them at the listed price, rather than make a Best Offer. 

I have three promotions running right now, 60% off on needlekits, 50% off on select books, and 50% off sewing patterns that have been listed over a year. 

I spent $2.99 at thrift on this 1965 Birds of Town and Village valued around $25. The Ralph Lauren quilt print fabric was a bonus. I didn't know it was that designer until I got it home. It is a keeper fabric, no orders will be wrapped in this one.

What motivates me to sell? I love having my own business. I already thrift for myself, friends, and family so it seemed natural to turn my interests and offer things for sale to others. I enjoy seeing what sells. Some categories have been duds for me, namely clothing, and children's toys. I am shooting for the moon this holiday season, betting that the shipping container backlog will be a bonus for me as a local reseller. 

Anyhoo, my Countdown to Christmas is right around the corner! Be sure to drop by December 1 and each day thereafter until Christmas.

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Duck Decoys and the Tub O' Christmas Fabric

This winter wonderland needlepoint is listed for sale through

I greatly added to my Duck Decoy collection. The three smaller decoys were $1.99 and the larger $2.99 at thrift. 
With it being half off at thrift, I figured I could burn $1.50 worth of cinnamon scented pinecones. 
My tub o' Christmas fabric. My eBay orders will be wrapped in holiday fabric. I am keeping all of the pink/maroon themed fabric for a quilt in that colorway. At year's end, I will post how much fabric is left in the tub. 
The ceramic smalls were a buck a duck (rather 99 cents each) from the same thrift and on the same wire rack cart as the decoys. 
Now that I check a certain hospice thrift nearly every day, I marvel that I even found anything when I would pop in only on weekends. You pretty much have to be there when the wire racks roll onto the floor. 

I am in the midst of listing books for sale on eBay. There is a slew of hunting/outdoorsman books I had kept for some odd reason. There is also my usual suspects of vintage cookbooks and sewing ones I will list. 

I have highlighted my high tech office *coughs* in previous posts. I use an old secretary desk for my shipping supplies that consist of the mailers, scissors, tape and fabric. In my zombie apocalypse arsenal, I have my 2+ pound tape dispenser. This piece of office accessory doesn't mess around, it turns to a lethal weapon in 2 seconds flat. 
Here is one of the listings from an estate sale. It is fun getting a chance to actually look through the books and discover how vintage they are. When I am at an estate sale, it is more the hard work of grabbing and lugging bags, boxes, whatever, to the checkout table.

An idea is formulating to continue my Madame Fortune Teller series of short stories, beginning in 2022. I am working on one story to launch in January. If you are a writer and would like to do a linkup with me beginning in January, please post a comment. 

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Eight Holiday Sweaters for Sale

Posting images and links to all 8 Christmas sweaters for sale. While on the phone with my mom, looking for an extra small sized holiday sweater for her, I discovered I had WAY too many sweaters hanging around. 

Some of these were modeled by me on Countdown to Christmas posts from years past. Sally Stand-In, a petite-sized retro dress form, models the sweaters now.

I usually don't list in such a small lot, CDs and sewing patterns are usually listed singly in lots of 25. Like small manageable bites. I get bored in one category and want to move on to another. Listing clothing is one of my least favorite things to do. For me, there is the extra step of photographing outside with the item being modeled on the dress form. 

The total listed value of these 8 sweaters is nearly $200. I have sold Christmas sweaters before but it has been a few years ago. Let's see how these will do. I am not cross-posting on Etsy, I have enough trouble keeping my eBay orders straight. 

Quick update on the job front: Like many others, I am looking to make a move, either a lateral move as a paralegal or analyst, or a promotional move into management. I am averaging about 1 interview a month, and apply for at least 5 jobs per week, all within the state system. Lots of exciting opportunities!

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Sales are Finally Trending Up and Blog Traffic has Exploded!

After 2-3 months of sluggish eBay sales, I have gone into the positive. In the Seller Hub, there is a Sales tab that lists the sales today, last 7 days, last 31 days, and last 90 days. As a business major, I love this type of information. 

This is where the photography magic happens. Admittedly, I normally photograph with a camera, so my iPhone is standing in, while I had the camera on timer. I use this area of the house because of the natural light. In the background is my 2020 quilt and the 3' prelit Christmas tree unpacked for the holiday. 

I like to watch my blog stats and what a pleasant surprise - nearly 4000 page views in one day. I don't know what to attribute it to, other than I appeared as No. 11 in a thrifting_rss_feeds. Course, like anyone, I would love to go viral and represent for my generation of '60s flower children. 

Noon update: Nearly 5000 page views!!!! 

My posts that are coming up on view are YEARS old, and as oddly assorted as my posts themselves. Actually, these are some of my better, older posts from blog hops and writing challenges. Whoever has discovered me, well, a big HELLO!

2016 summer-sensations-blog-hop
2013 the-traveling-yellow-skirt-has-arrived

The last listed post is a personal favorite of mine. I have been on the lookout for a skirt big enough and one solid color so I could launch another Traveling Yellow Skirt Freak Show (with the permission of Melanie at instagram - bagandaberet). She was the catalyst behind the TYSFS. 

I am populating my Countdown to Christmas posts with the first one publishing on December 1. Be sure to join me month-long to celebrate my 10 year anniversary of that Countdown.