Friday, November 19, 2021

Perils of Liking Your Own Merch

What I mean is the perils of selling Christmas CDs is that you also keep too many of them. This is the newest addition to my collection. A King's College 1962 recording reissued in 1989. A little water-stained on the inset, and a skip heard means it would not be headed for an eBay listing anyway. 

Side note here, the summer after I graduated from high school, in July I toured Europe with America's Youth in Concert as a French hornist. A choir also traveled and performed with the orchestra. By the end of the month-long tour, I had all of the songs memorized and would sing along at every concert. 

I remember at one outdoor concert held in Italy, (I can't recall exactly which town) when we finished playing an Aaron Copland piece. There was a group of men near the French horn section who clapped enthusiastically and were so appreciative of the music. 

It was the trip of a lifetime in 1977 being able to visit Rome, Venice, Paris, Innsbruck (Austria), Geneva (Switzerland), and London. I had to beg my parents to let me go on the trip. The cost was $1,500 and I had to promise I would pay back all of that money. Worth. every. cent. 

I wandered around Europe alone and with others on the tour. Eighteen years old and oblivious to anything that could possibly harm me. Now that I have taken some art history classes, I saw how I missed all of that incredible architecture and artwork all around me. I fell asleep on a bench at the Louvre and was roundly chastised in French by the guards.

But I digress, another item I have kept was this Better Homes and Gardens 1953 first edition. It is tattered and stained. I want to scan in some of the graphics and recipes. I may or may not put this one up for sale. I keep the earliest editions of these types of cookbooks.

I am swimming in sewing patterns, for me they are just so easy to find. Now I know the uncut ones sell the best, so I skip the cut patterns unless they are really unusual. 

On the job front, interviewing has intensified. The 20+ job applications with the state are now coming to fruition. At the Senior Legal Analyst level there is more than one analyst position I can lateral over, or promote to first level management. Am hoping the stars will align ~

Countdown to Christmas begins December 1. 

Here's to good things about to happen!

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