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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Because they are open on Sundays ~

At the end of each month Amador Hospice Thrift Shop prices everything at 50% off.  The two short sleeve blouses look even better on than draped.  Van Morrison's Moondance CD seemed like it might be a good listen ($2.50).  The gold tone picture ($2.50) joined my trio of TSF prints.

Friday, October 28, 2011

50% off day at Salvation Army ~

Was 50% off day at the Salvation Army Thrift Store off 16th Street in Sacramento.  I had 6 bags to donate gathered between my daughter, her boyfriend and my recycles.  I was intrigued by this pretty pink paisley skirt ($2.99) and Rosemary Clooney, Dedicated to Nelson Riddle CD (1996)($1)  - that the two items match in the picture below was unintentional.

Just not a casual Friday kind of gal ~

This vintage Danny & Nicole suit was a Thrift Town TSF.  The print seems timeless and the beading on the wide collar adds a little more dressy to it.  

The American Flower Painting book was a TSF at Amador Hospice for $2.50.  Printed in 1980, the dust jacket is a little worn but the book itself is in excellent shape.

There are 32 full color plates including this one, Two Fighting Hummingbirds with Two Orchids, 1875, by Martin Johnson Heade.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Autumn outfit ~

Charter Club cashmere button-up sweater, skirt and pumpkin ruffle edged tank top (both TSF $1 each) and brand new Cole Haan espresso pumps.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Orchid and me ~

Orchids love me.  Mine bloom twice a year.  The one pictured above I recently re-potted and is blooming!  This lovely glaze orchid pot was a thrift shop find at Goodwill in Sacramento off 16th Street ($1).

Tahitian pearls (near vintage ~ 10 years old), Charter Club grey cashmere sweater; Ann Taylor skirt (previous TSF) and Aerosoles black heels.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall treasures and Jimboy's Tacos

I visited Thrift Town on Stockton Boulevard in Sacramento and purchased the Speechless skirt ($1.99), 4 placemats ($1.49 ea.), deep brown lace trimmed Merona shirt ($5.99) and hair doo-dads ($2.99).

Doo-dads ~ Suave heart hair ties, fiber sample stamped Fine Wines (FWT 110) claire's club barettes and a fun blond braided clip-on hair piece with sparkles. 

Started the day feeling out of sorts - not typical for a Friday, but a visit to Thrift Town and a drive-through Jimboy's Tacos perked me up.

Jimboy's 1956 Logo

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Styling the find ~

Thought it was time to style one of my finds - the Ranked brand 100% silk blouse I picked up last weekend.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A time for dresses!

I have favored wearing skirts for so long, I am re-discovering dresses!  I am going to pair this coat-length Norton McNaughton black jacket (previous TSF) with the AB Studio dress ($7.99).  All were finds from the Thrift Town on El Camino Avenue in Sacramento, even the lime green fabric background ($1.99).

This cotton skirt with opaque gold beading (needs some beading TLC) around the flowers a bargain ($2.99).  I hand sew to reinforce buttons, beads on garments. 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ragdoll and half a doll ~

I was able to shop at Snowline Hospice Thrift in Placerville, California.  This the first I have seen a male ragdoll with dreads ($2.50) and this half doll ($1.50) whose knitted dress and hat will be used in another blog of mine.  They are a study in contrasts.  He will be joining the bevy of beauties I have collected over the past 5 years. The (3rd ragdoll from the left) with the gold earring was purchased at an estate sale in midtown Sacramento. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Little girl ornaments and so much more ~

I picked up the ceramic little girl holding the kittens ornament last month.  When I realized my mom collects these items, I returned to Interfaith's Great Finds Thrift Shop and girl with hat holding dolly is joining the others. 

But that is not all!  Here is the bounty just at Interfaith, all less than $10 because $20 worth qualifies for half off on Saturdays. 

The Vintage Kellogs ceramic cereal plate ($1); Shaverlake collared sleeveless blouse ($3), blue flowered scarf (.25), cream colored scarf with gold metallic thread and lavendar rose print ($1), multi-colored geometric scarf (.50) Angels Camp California grey shorts ($1) and red wicker sleigh ($3). 

Amador Hospice Thrift Shop was my second stop.  Below the two $1 mask and picture, fifty cent fish card holder, is a sewing basket for $4.50.

Here are the contents of the sewing basket - wonderful fall colored threads, cute buttons, electric scissors, and even an old glass Bufferin bottle filled with white buttons.

Mossimo brand teal ruffled collar blouse ($2.50), rhinestone bow necklace ($3.50), Ranked silk print bouse ($3.50) and whimsical Disney Vintage 2 Tinkerbell tank top ($2.50).  My total was only around $8 because I had filled up my frequent shopper card for $10 off the total. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The birds ~

My collection of ceramic birds started with these three found at a garage sale in East Sacramento, California.  I bought a lot of five birds ($10 each) and at the time thought that was a high price to pay. 

My flock kept growing with this bird purchased at the E Street Thrift Shop in Sacramento. 

And, lastly, doves labeled "An original creation by Marvin of Santa Cruz" that I snapped up for a dollar or two at a shop I hope to visit this weekend, Snowline Hospice of El Dorado County at 455 Placerville Drive, Placerville, California.

Soaps and hair ties ~

I love french milled and speciality made bar soaps.  My $1.49 packet from Thrift Town on El Camino in Sacramento included two named African Rain and two Linden french milled lavender soaps.  The hair ties are for use in another blog and my dog has an endearing habit of chewing those to bits every chance she gets!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Comfy T-shirt and fun tunes ~

I visit the Pacific Northwest about twice a year. While I am there, I pop into one of those "little hole in the wall" thrift shops:

St. Vincent de Paul of Auburn
926 Auburn Way North
Auburn, Washington
(253) 833-0401

TSFs - The MASH comfy cotton tee ($2.69), the Lena Horne CD ($1.00) and The Premiere Collection, the Best of Andrew Lloyd Webber ($4.49).

Saturday, October 1, 2011

All For A Good Cause ~

One of the bonuses shopping thrift is that a portion of the donations go to charities.

On A Mission
839 North State Highway 49-88
Jackson, California 95642
(209) 223-4250

supports Amador County youth programs. The cute ceramic pie was $2.50 and now joins the ranks of my fall decorations. The NWT (new with tag) clothes are a tan suede Cabela's skirt ($12.50), an A. Byer taupe stretch skirt ($9.50), and a Worthington petite sleeveles mock cowl neck sweater ($6.50).