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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Little girl ornaments and so much more ~

I picked up the ceramic little girl holding the kittens ornament last month.  When I realized my mom collects these items, I returned to Interfaith's Great Finds Thrift Shop and girl with hat holding dolly is joining the others. 

But that is not all!  Here is the bounty just at Interfaith, all less than $10 because $20 worth qualifies for half off on Saturdays. 

The Vintage Kellogs ceramic cereal plate ($1); Shaverlake collared sleeveless blouse ($3), blue flowered scarf (.25), cream colored scarf with gold metallic thread and lavendar rose print ($1), multi-colored geometric scarf (.50) Angels Camp California grey shorts ($1) and red wicker sleigh ($3). 

Amador Hospice Thrift Shop was my second stop.  Below the two $1 mask and picture, fifty cent fish card holder, is a sewing basket for $4.50.

Here are the contents of the sewing basket - wonderful fall colored threads, cute buttons, electric scissors, and even an old glass Bufferin bottle filled with white buttons.

Mossimo brand teal ruffled collar blouse ($2.50), rhinestone bow necklace ($3.50), Ranked silk print bouse ($3.50) and whimsical Disney Vintage 2 Tinkerbell tank top ($2.50).  My total was only around $8 because I had filled up my frequent shopper card for $10 off the total. 

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