Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Let's talk uglies

The uglies I am referring to are the fabrics that are, well, just plain ugly. I recently organized my fabric remnants by color and got rid of my uglies - sent to the Great Thrift Shop Beyond.

I am certain other quilters/fabric artists do this. I mean you can only hide so much of the uglies scrapping them out. Here is a perfect example of what I consider to be uglies offered through That poppy fabric I think is the best of the bunch, but the rest - uglies.

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Ending the post with baby doll mugshots, tore up 1 and tore up 2. Both inmates at (Yes, I spend way too much time on that website.)


  1. I want those dolls because they would be great for my Holliween party I have every year.

  2. I'm loving the creepy dolls, and would love to see the finished quilt! xxx

  3. I'm planning to drag my Xmas projects to the freezing tent holiday I have planned....sheer

  4. You know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I'm certain there's someone out there in goodwill-land who will love these fabrics. I've been rooting out lower quality fabric which I bought before I knew as much as I know now or which I obtained free at our (now-defunct) recycle center. Some fabrics just have to go!
    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,

  5. Wow, quilting for a blog! That's an ambitious project.

    You always remind me of how much I enjoyed thrift stores. I haven't been in one in years...need to rectify that.

    Is it wrong that I kind of like the poppy pattern? I could see it included on a quilt.

  6. I used to love thrifting, but honestly, I may be a hoarder, so I decided to curtail my shopping. I find it difficult to edit collections. Instead, I've stopped adding to them. Whatever works, right?

    Another way I'm dealing with the uglies in my stash is that I use less than desirable fabrics for backing. I used to buy muslin for backing, so as long as it's as heavy as muslin and can be pieced, it works. I just piece the backing to the size I need. I tend to use only one color so that there's a cohesive feel to the backing. I've found that this works really well and saves money.

  7. Mugshots is the proper term. Each year after a local art show I am always inspired to seek out the UGLIEST dolls to create with.