Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Christmas Quilt with Cardinal Cornerstones

What do quilters do when it is 100 degrees in the summer? They make quilt blocks (at least that is what I do) with the goal of making as many gift quilts as possible. This is the fun part - the piecework and constructing the quilt tops. This one will be a keeper and act as my template. Scheduled for a third quarter finish, #FALQ3TamiVonZalez.

I so loved the look of cornerstones in my last quilt, I wanted to do it again. I had just enough material for the bulb and wreath borders that came in a mystery bag of thrifted Christmas material I purchased earlier in the month.

I have been loosely following the Down Memory Lane pattern shown at the open book. The fabric to the right of the book are the beginnings of the outer borders.

This was the first layout testing the pattern. I had only completed 12 blocks at this stage (at the end of the 4th of July weekend). I purchased retail the cardinal remnant and brown/burgundy fabric for the sashing.
Thrifting over the 4th of July weekend produced this $6 thrifted lot with a Canada souvenir plate and some fabric remnants. 
My souvenir plate wall is coming along. I am buying plates of locations that have significance or where I have previously visited.
When I said I was using the fabric for quilting, one thrift store employee mentioned that a couple had come into the shop and the husband was complaining that his wife spent over $200 a month on retail fabric for her quilts and she was going to have to curtail that activity after her retirement. While I adore retail fabric, it is just not an option for me and the majority of my projects. I will supplement my stash with fabric on sale and retail material for quilt backings.

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  1. That quilt really is fantastic. I'm also loving your souvenir wall. That's so right up my street and I'm glad to see someone else is doing a similar thing. I'm having quite a few souvenir items myself, and I have whole shelves of Lourdes souvenirs. xxx

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  3. You are going back to our quilting roots of using thrifty fabric. And making something beautiful in the process. Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday

  4. I very much like your scrappy looking quilt, and even more I like where you buy your fabric. If that lady has been spending $200/month on fabric, when she retires, she won't NEED to buy any fabric! LOL

  5. Good luck with your Q3 list! On behalf of the FAL team, thanks for sewing along with us!

  6. Love your cheery Christmas quilt. And your great looking memory wall full of collectables. I tend to buy tea towels when we go travelling, not nearly so exciting!