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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Got myself in a blogspat

In my enthusiasm to share my latest quilting project, seems I violated an unwritten blog hop rule of placing a linkback in a comment.  A blogger, who shall remain unnamed, emailed me that she was none too happy "but let it slide" until she saw I had done the same with others in the hop. My comments were deleted as inappropriate, taking away the other bloggers' moment in the sun.

Admittedly, this is not my first blogspat. A few years ago I accidentally linked up with a romance writer's group. Rather than embrace that I was someone outside of their circle, I was roundly "kicked out" of the hop.

One of the reasons I note "making mischief whenever I can" under my description. Seems I can't avoid getting myself into trouble.

Another unwritten blog hop rule for some are only linking to that hop and not combining hops.  You won't know you are in the wrong until you receive a strongly-worded email from a bloggess.

Thankfully, the fashion blogging group are not so, shall we say anal about the rules (or lack thereof).

Hope I haven't turned the entire quilt blogging community against  me, I don't want to have to go quilting rouge ...

Morale of the story, be careful of who, what and where you decide to link up with, blogspats are never any fun.


  1. Sorry to hear this happened - it can really take the wind out of your sails - especially when there are no rule books. Keep going, Tami. Glad I can comment now!

  2. Most blog link ups or "hops" have rules listed in the beginning of the post. I host 1 that's "no rules" and another that's "real food only" but I don't send out emails to reprimand people. That's just silly. If bloggers don't want you to add links in comments then it should be posted on their blog. Happy blogging!

  3. I'm sorry to hear that Tami. As a novice blogger, I had no ideas such rules existed. Hope I haven't broken any of the unwritten rules so far ... xxx

  4. Whew, I had to google what a blog-hop was, or a blogspat, or linkback for that matter, but.. oh my!
    I can absolutely understand why you got yourself in that kind of trouble, I mean, who would have known there are rules like that? Thinking back to my own online behavior, I have probably also upset some bloggers once or twice..

    But hey, just embrace it, you can be something like inappropriate-linkback-woman, a whole new type of superwoman! And you can place links on my blog any time you like, I won't hate you for it ( just don't make it inappropriate in the wrong way ;) )


  5. I've been blogging for three years, participated in over 20 blog events, and I have never heard of this. I've seen links in comments before, it doesn't bother me whatsoever, if people leave a link in mine, I'm not bothered unless the link is a spam link and then yes, I have a problem with that. However, I count on my spam script to detect all that stuff, plus I read every single comment.

    Worse is telling me who I can link to and who I can't.... If I choose to link to another blog hop event even during one I am hosting myself, they would not find themselves getting unlinked, this is my choice and I would bet that participating bloggers appreciate the extra linkage, let alone the new visitors it can bring to someone else's blog.

    How does someone find out about new blogs unless they find a way to help advertise even their own blog. Granted, most blog comment sections have the ability to add their own link, and their name is linked to it. To tell a visitor they can't leave a link or to delete their comment is just flat out crap imho... I appreciate all my visitors, all my commenters, all my fellow bloggers and I don't give a hoot what anyone else thinks about how I run my own blog. There is also NO way they are going to tell me how to run it either. :) I dare them to write me.. c'mon.. write me :)

  6. Oh and let me add, I'm so outraged by the very idea that someone would write you or even me (I still dare them to).. that I would keep the link and note right by their link that they wrote me in email and asked me to unlink to them... LOL ... That is how I would exact my revenge.. spiteful.. mean.. maybe, but they would get the picture.. wouldn't they. :)

  7. It was all pretty psychedelic but rules are rules, however odd. *grins*