Sunday, July 17, 2016

Got myself in a blogspat

In my enthusiasm to share my latest quilting project, seems I violated an unwritten blog hop rule of placing a linkback in a comment.  A blogger, who shall remain unnamed, emailed me that she was none too happy "but let it slide" until she saw I had done the same with others in the hop. My comments were deleted as inappropriate, taking away the other bloggers' moment in the sun.

Admittedly, this is not my first blogspat. A few years ago I accidentally linked up with a romance writer's group. Rather than embrace that I was someone outside of their circle, I was roundly "kicked out" of the hop.

One of the reasons I note "making mischief whenever I can" under my description. Seems I can't avoid getting myself into trouble.

Another unwritten blog hop rule for some are only linking to that hop and not combining hops.  You won't know you are in the wrong until you receive a strongly-worded email from a bloggess.

Thankfully, the fashion blogging group are not so, shall we say anal about the rules (or lack thereof).

Hope I haven't turned the entire quilt blogging community against  me, I don't want to have to go quilting rouge ...

Morale of the story, be careful of who, what and where you decide to link up with, blogspats are never any fun.

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