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Partay of the Mad Tea sort

Garden toad has made an appearance this year to ring in Year Three of my participation in The Mad Tea Party hosted by Vanessa at  A Fanciful Twist .  My focus has been to utilize mainly thrifted items with garden backgrounds.   The creative bunch that link up range from professional artists to scene-staging bloggers.  You will see macro photography fashioned in whimsical ways. I'm preparing my summer garden now for what I hope will be a spectacular event!

Sky rockets in flight, tie dye afternoon delight

Linking up with Bella at  The Citizen Rosebud  for Secondhand First.  She instructs to  Share your #SECONDHANDFIRST look- featuring you in a swapped, thrift shopped or ethically sourced and produced item. Scuse the kinda crooked fake eyelash - those buggers are a bear to glue on! This fun sorta-hippyesque piece was from I-don't-remember-when thrift shopping ago.  I get a kick out of picking up jewelry for just a few dollars for an outfit that needs some casualing-down. Since secondhand shopping is my forte, the necklace, olive green tank top and tie dye cotton skirt were all thrifted.  The skirt came with an equally fun tie dye matching top from Goodwill ($3). Other finds include ~ I'm stocking up on my summer reading (Fifty Acres book $3.00), couldn't pass up the dyed abalone shell bracelet ($1.25) and OF COURSE, the black fake eyelashes ($2.00) for those oh-so-close-up selfies. Other thrifted goodies include the two patterns one from 1969, the

Here we go a'Floraling, ain't no blues got us down

Things are heating up here in Northern California with temperatures climbing into the 90s.  This outfit is oh-so-comfy for this type of weather.  I'm wearing an Alfani light grey top and a recent thrift shop find of a silk floral print Evan Picone skirt ($2). I kinda went wild with thrift shopping this past weekend.  I don't know how people manage to find stuff for resale.  On average, I visit 5 thrift shops a week.  Most times I find nothing. What I did find was this Italian scarf ($2), Fossil sunglasses ($3 - I'm sporting the frames in the picture above) and a Ballinger-Gold vintage sweater ($7).  The sweater and an exquisite Camelhair Hunter's Glen M. Lady Bruhn blazer (not pictured, $4.50) are both headed to the dry cleaners and then the cedar chest storage for the winter months.   My newest bare root rose I planted this season, a Purple Tiger Floribunda, in full bloom. The Mad Tea Party hosted by Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist  will take

A June Blogathon and such

I have been keeping my eye out for blog writing or photography challenges and stumbled across the Biannual Blogathon Bash  on June 20-23, 2014.  I am not sure what all I am in for, but if you are in the mood for something different, signups are still open.  Please note ALL types of bloggers are welcome: Commando Thrift Shoppers Men Bloggers Women Bloggers Parent Bloggers Review Bloggers Deal/Coupon Bloggers Company Bloggers Lifestyle Bloggers Tech Bloggers New Bloggers Seasoned Bloggers Bloggers Who Blog for Money Bloggers Who Blog for Themselves Those with 1 blog Those with 10+ blogs Other Types Not Listed or Ones with NO Type Keep up with the blog for more information including what to do after you sign up . Also be sure to sign up for the newsletter (top right sidebar) for reminders and news about the blogathon, updates on the blog and blogging tips. Excerpts from the Biannual Blogathon Bash website (with a little added text from me).  Here is is halfway t

Wearing the mom gear and googly-eyed over Google+

"Wear something of your mom's" is  Spygirl-amb.blogspot's  prompt for this 52 pick-me-up Wednesday.  This L.L. Bean sweater was my mom's.  I paired it with a light blue Basic Editions sleeveless collared shirt and a Talbots floral print skirt.  This was the first time I put this ensemble together.  I'm liking it!   I continue to work on perfecting the french roll hairstyle, I think it turned out like the blondie in the play wig.  So I had a chance to spend some time looking over #Google+.  I know there are some bloggers who have no interest in joining that community.  They are really missing the ticket.  While Blogger lists that I have over 100,000 page views, Google+ lists that I have over 800,000!  I was stunned.  I have kind of been ignoring Google+ and not pushing through my posts for that site.  Google might be the wave of the future.  I already use Google Chrome as my browser and Blogger (another Google-based product).  I had read some discu