Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wearing the mom gear and googly-eyed over Google+

"Wear something of your mom's" is Spygirl-amb.blogspot's prompt for this 52 pick-me-up Wednesday.  This L.L. Bean sweater was my mom's.  I paired it with a light blue Basic Editions sleeveless collared shirt and a Talbots floral print skirt.  This was the first time I put this ensemble together.  I'm liking it!  

I continue to work on perfecting the french roll hairstyle, I think it turned out like the blondie in the play wig. 

So I had a chance to spend some time looking over #Google+.  I know there are some bloggers who have no interest in joining that community.  They are really missing the ticket.  While Blogger lists that I have over 100,000 page views, Google+ lists that I have over 800,000!  I was stunned.  I have kind of been ignoring Google+ and not pushing through my posts for that site.  Google might be the wave of the future.  I already use Google Chrome as my browser and Blogger (another Google-based product).  I had read some discussion that WordPress is the ultimate in a blogging platform, that might not be the case anymore ...

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