Monday, May 26, 2014

Sky rockets in flight, tie dye afternoon delight

Linking up with Bella at The Citizen Rosebud for Secondhand First.  She instructs to Share your #SECONDHANDFIRST look- featuring you in a swapped, thrift shopped or ethically sourced and produced item.

Scuse the kinda crooked fake eyelash - those buggers are a bear to glue on!

This fun sorta-hippyesque piece was from I-don't-remember-when thrift shopping ago.  I get a kick out of picking up jewelry for just a few dollars for an outfit that needs some casualing-down.

Since secondhand shopping is my forte, the necklace, olive green tank top and tie dye cotton skirt were all thrifted.  The skirt came with an equally fun tie dye matching top from Goodwill ($3).

Other finds include ~

I'm stocking up on my summer reading (Fifty Acres book $3.00), couldn't pass up the dyed abalone shell bracelet ($1.25) and OF COURSE, the black fake eyelashes ($2.00) for those oh-so-close-up selfies.

Other thrifted goodies include the two patterns one from 1969, the other from 1977.  I decided to start buying vintage patterns (1) if I wanted to make an outfit from that time period, I have a template, or (2) I could sell them.  Finally, the polished rock necklace (1/2 off $1.75) is in honor of the geology class I am taking this summer.

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