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Keeping the clothes horse happy

One of the things in life that makes me happy is thrifting. It is an escape from troubles, the realities of life and the drudgery of work. Sally Stand-In comes to my rescue again continuing with my Summer Shift Stravanganza thrift shop find of this Petite Sophisticate plaid dress ( $8 at Goodwill ). Where else can you spend $2.50 and get a darling Cabi paisley skirt and a pillow form? I know this Mountain Mist brand from their quilt batting ( love their products - not a sponsored post ). The pillow form I will use to make as a companion to the Shabby Chic wedding quilt here. I kept a couple of blocks along with some matching remnants. Keeping the clothes horse happy - with thrifting I can add to my wardrobe without carrying a large credit balance at a major retailer. Something I did in my younger, more prosperous years. I can't understand why more people don't shop thrift but it is all good for me if they don't.   Changing gears - These past few years I have grown to

Summer Shift Stravaganza

I've added two more summer shifts to the clothing collection. Never mind that the Goodwill boutique is a block away which means I hit the door when it opens on my 10:00am work break. Sally Stand-In sports a tommy jeans dress. Having worn my second find of Lauren floral print ( not pictured ), I have decided it is better as a long shirt than a short dress. Mamacita update - she LOVES her independent living center. She has a 1 bedroom/1 bad apartment, is safe and protected, gets 3 meals a day, bathing and cleaning assistance, and medication management. Assisted and independent living centers have come a long way. The idea of sitting in a wheelchair in a "nursing home" is what most people think of how the aged live. Oh, how things have changed. I know if and when I get to the point where I need living assistance, I won't hesitate for even a nanosecond. I've discovered a couple of sewing/quilting related sites I'd like to share.  The first is hand-stitching-h

Going great guns

I was going great guns on quilting the patriotic quilt when my sewing machine went sideways. Actually, I had been having trouble with the bobbin casing with tangled thread so off to the machine shop it goes - with no backup machine at home. Grrrr Makes for a good argument on why one should have two machines.   My ironing board broke and needed to be replaced. I could have gone to a big box retailer and spend about $20 for the board and cover but I opted to buy one thrift. So cool it is not only sturdy but a so-what-if-I'm-orange ironing board ( $4.50 ). A NWT Hard Rock cafĂ© t-shirt ( $17.50, $2.50 ) was a delightful find. Peace sign t-shirts are high on my buy list. My go-to for fabric and quilt books is Interfaith's Great Finds in Sutter Creek. There was a 1930s Milady sewing machine priced at $100, well beyond my budget. This batch hovering around my $8 total per shop visit was fabric and a couple of publications. Having sent my son's quilt to a longarmer for

IG and me

I am back on Instagram (as tamaschen ). Photo challenges are so much fun! I just finished the 14 Days of Summer 17 and am continuing on with #brimblesummerlovin prompts that continue into the first of August. The challenge details can be found at Before I got into a snit and deactivated nearly all of my social media accounts, last October, I participated in a challenge with Mrs. Brimble. It made for some interesting prompt interpretations (by me - such as "conkers") since Mrs. B resides across the pond in the U.K. A most exciting discovery happened when I was packing mom's stuff for her move to an independent living facility. Each time I would visit her (I live out of state), I would concentrate on one room or one cabinet then clean and organize. I never had the chance to look at what she had stored in her cedar chest ... until now. What was found was a fan quilt top, most likely given to her as a wed

The Ides of July

Hello all, here we are halfway through the 3 months of official summer. I have yet to see a beach or a body of water and I doubt it is in my future. Earlier this month, I arranged for my elderly mother to move to an independent living facility. While she is still quite independent, she is increasingly unable to walk without assistance. Her 30-year tenure in a comfortable mobile home park has come to end. Things I would recommend if you are in this position or will be facing a situation like this: Move quickly. I think the speed in which we made the change was of the essence. Since mom already had the facility picked out that she wanted go to, that was half the battle. Papers were signed and the move went forward in one week.  She still thinks she can drive. I am most perplexed by this state of mind. My mother is 89 and can barely walk. The car is being sold since she will be transported everywhere by either the facility or her friends. Once the decision has been made to make

Doing my patriotic best

I am hanging with the mamacita up in the Pacific Northwest during this holiday. I decided it was little Ginny's time to shine for this post. She was a thrift shop find last month. A fabric find from E Street Thrift was blocks, border and more for $1. I have been shying away from buying preassembled blocks because they just don't "feel right" to me - like I should be making them myself. But this packet 'o quilt goodness will turn into an amazing quilt top. Other sewing-related finds included this $2 basket chock full of Aunt Martha's embroidery transfers, I'll highlight the contents in an upcoming post.  I am also participating as tamaschen in the Instagram 14 Day of Summer mini summer photo challenge hosted by Our Pretty Little Girls & Wife Mommy Me, #14DaysofSummer17. Today's prompt is "America." I am circling back around to finish up my patriotic lap quilt that I started in January of this year, on this post . I so love my co