Saturday, July 29, 2017

Keeping the clothes horse happy

One of the things in life that makes me happy is thrifting. It is an escape from troubles, the realities of life and the drudgery of work. Sally Stand-In comes to my rescue again continuing with my Summer Shift Stravanganza thrift shop find of this Petite Sophisticate plaid dress ($8 at Goodwill).

Where else can you spend $2.50 and get a darling Cabi paisley skirt and a pillow form? I know this Mountain Mist brand from their quilt batting (love their products - not a sponsored post). The pillow form I will use to make as a companion to the Shabby Chic wedding quilt here. I kept a couple of blocks along with some matching remnants.

Keeping the clothes horse happy - with thrifting I can add to my wardrobe without carrying a large credit balance at a major retailer. Something I did in my younger, more prosperous years. I can't understand why more people don't shop thrift but it is all good for me if they don't.  

Changing gears - These past few years I have grown to love Thai food. Where I live there are few stellar Asian food restaurants. This week I attempted Chicken Coconut Curry, a recipe I pinned, and it was delicious. My first thought was, "It smells like a Thai restaurant!" The yellow and red curry pastes are amazing.

Suffering through another weekend and an upcoming week of 100+ degree weather. Ugh.

What makes you happy? Are you an escapist thrifter also?

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