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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Summer Shift Stravaganza

I've added two more summer shifts to the clothing collection. Never mind that the Goodwill boutique is a block away which means I hit the door when it opens on my 10:00am work break. Sally Stand-In sports a tommy jeans dress. Having worn my second find of Lauren floral print (not pictured), I have decided it is better as a long shirt than a short dress.

Mamacita update - she LOVES her independent living center. She has a 1 bedroom/1 bad apartment, is safe and protected, gets 3 meals a day, bathing and cleaning assistance, and medication management. Assisted and independent living centers have come a long way. The idea of sitting in a wheelchair in a "nursing home" is what most people think of how the aged live. Oh, how things have changed. I know if and when I get to the point where I need living assistance, I won't hesitate for even a nanosecond.

I've discovered a couple of sewing/quilting related sites I'd like to share.  The first is hand-stitching-health-benefits, 5 ways hand stitching improves your health posted by Feather Your Nest quilting fabric. In light of that, I'll be hand stitching in my sleep!  

The second link is to, similar to where you visit online shops in sort of a virtual treasure hunt to win prizes. Course, if you are anything like me, you end up spending money because you find that Oh So Special fabric you just have to have.

This American Home has joined my sewing room. Soon I will found out if buying ($30) this vintage machine was a smart idea. Amazingly, there is an overlock stitch, the exact thing I had been looking for in a serger. While I am questioning the wisdom of my purchase, I have been reading about old machine pros and cons, here are a couple links:

Quite a few seamstresses and quilters use vintage machines, one being the Singer featherweight. While I have never run into one of those for sale in my commando thrift shopping, there is always that possibility. 

I haven't posted a Pattern of the Day in awhile so let's do that!  A 1964 summer Simplicity.

Do you own any vintage sewing machines or have one on your must-purchase list?

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