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Saturday, April 30, 2022

Zipper stands for the Z letter day

Zebra eyes be watching you! This piece de resistance was for sale at thrift.

Ending the challenge with Zipper, my German wirehaired pointer.

Here she is lounging on my partially-constructed Knitting Woman, State Fair quilt. 

Segueing to the subject of zoomier real estate - our state department went through the Great Telework/Office Realignment (my emphasis). Those workers who chose to work 100% remote lost their offices and cubicles. Those workers who chose to be office centric (in office 3 days a week or more) have their choice of what is now prime office real estate. I am moving to a cubicle that is almost big enough to skate around in! Ok, not quite, but I am excited about the aspect of decorating it with small quilts/cubicle wall coverings I have made over the years.  

Thank you to all that visited Tamiland during the April A to Z Challenge. 

Friday, April 29, 2022

Yip Yuppity You Get One Free Pass

Another made-up phrase, one of the many liberties I take with the A to Z Challenge.

This 1989 pattern is so darn cute, it just had to make an appearance. 

I am reinstituting the You Get One Free Pass post during this A to Z challenge for this Y letter day. Pretty much every letter's post has been a free for all. The only rules to follow are to ensure a post is produced each letter day. 

I try all types of poses and action shots for photoshoots. This image is an outtake from the Theme Reveal. The gown was too small so I couldn't zip it up. My hiking boots were cropped from the original image. 

This image is me heading out the back door for the A to Z apron photoshoot.

I have a few videos posted on YouTube, mainly demonstrating toys or how to thread a vintage sewing machine. On my toy demo videos, I don't give much of a description, and just let the videos exist as they are. This latest one has over 1,000 views and high "like" rate.
There You have it - we are rounding the bend to the end. 

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Xena, Queen of the Ranch

The oldest of my 3 +1 cats is Xena, and she fills the bill for the X letter day on the challenge. 

A small Maine coon, she was adopted from the Amador County Animal Shelter. She has a sweet disposition and is very tolerant of the younger cat's antics. 

That's all folks for this X letter day. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Weird and Wacky Day at Thrift

W is the letter of the day for the A to Z Challenge. 

I began the Weird and Wacky posts on 2015, here are links to previous years. 

2015 you-get-one-free-pass-to-weird-and-wacky

2016 weird-wacky

2017 weird-and-wacky-in-world-of-thrift

2018 weird-and-wacky-in-world-of-thrift

Sea urchin lamp spotted at the eclectic antique store Scout Living in Sacramento, California.
Gargoyle clock posted for sale on
Fake rattlesnake the Goodwill boutique in Sacramento.  
Mixed media by unknown artist at the now closed E Street thrift in Sacramento. 
I think of this creation as "Exploding Head."  A few years ago, a friend was part owner of Exploding Head Gallery in Sacramento. This image was taken at a thrift shop. 

Dragon slippers also located for sale at thrift. 

Minion hat on display at True Weave (Totally Recycled Urban Exchange) in Sacramento.

Ending the post with me modeling a thrifted Sponge Bob Squarepants/Patrick
Stay Weird T-shirt.

Tarot card of the day

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Viernes and Vintage Linens

Viernes leads off this V letter day on the A to Z challenge. This embroidered towel was part of a linens lot bought at thrift. 

I have collected a few vintage linens. I would like to incorporate them into future quilted creations. This Monday cross-stitch is part of a days of the week series, all completed by Mystery Crafter. 

The following images were vintage linens for sale at a flea market displayed on a drying rack. 

Oy Vey! I finally figured out to change my settings so I could reply to comments. It has been a very long time that I haven't been able to respond to my readers. 

Monday, April 25, 2022

Upland Bird and Waterfowl Hunting

Upland Bird Hunting is for the U letter day at the A to Z challenge. It is one of the Mr.'s favorite activities. 

This image shows the pheasant in flight and Zipper, our German wirehaired pointer, in hot pursuit to retrieve. An expert marksman, the Mr. doesn't miss shots. 

I recently listed this book for sale on eBay. I don't pass by books on hunting and fishing because they are eventual sure sellers.

There needs to be a couple of unicorns to round out this U letter day. Stuffed fish is sporting the unicorn costume. 

And AVON unicorn filled with bird of paradise perfume was a recent addition to my collection. 

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Tiki Mug, Best of Trail Cam, and bag of Toys

Tiki mug was a $3.50 Goodwill find. I follow another reseller who specializes in these types of mugs. Because of his show, Thrifty over 50, I knew this item was of particular value. It is a Bumatay Tiki Mug Islander, valued at $285.00. 

 A t
rail cam is placed on the property and here are some of the best images. 

Why did I buy this $2.99 bag of children's toys at thrift?  
For the G.I. Joe men and their transport. I knew there were at least 3 of the figurines in the bag and was surprised when I opened the transport toy and there was G.I. Joe No. 4. 
For the Ghostbusters trio.
And the Alien duo - Fully articulated figurines. 
The rest of the bag contained Happy Meal toys that I thrifted back. For some reason, I began collecting G.I. Joe men and am hoping that will turn out to be a good choice in the future.

Tarot card of the day

Friday, April 22, 2022

Susie the middle cat, and visit from the Swallowtail

S is the letter of the day at the A to Z Challenge. 
Susie, an animal shelter rescue, has the prettiest coat of all of the cats. She is the best hunter of the group and shows up at feeding time whenever it is convenient. 

This swallowtail butterfly visited me last month when I was in downtown Sacramento. 

I think it was attracted to the red color in my plaid skirt. I can't imagine there was too much food for it to find in the middle of the city. 

After I was able to snap a few pictures of it on my skirt, I was able to move it to my finger so we could get a closer look at each other. 

Tarot card of the day