Wednesday, April 29, 2015

You Get One Free Pass to the Weird and Wacky

Try as you might, sometimes there is no inspiration for certain letter prompts.  On this round for me, it was the letter "Y." Therefore, I am claiming the little known challenge rule of "You Get One Free Pass,"  and it gives me a chance to do a miscellaneous post.  

Pre-planned posts are key to surviving this challenge. I spent the better part of Easter day visiting many of the blogs.  I will highlight my favorites for this year on my wrap up "Z" post.  

Recent thrift shop finds were not one but two cashmere (sings the word) sweaters, two hardcover books of American Junk by Mary Randolph Carter and Japanese Flower Arrangement (pub. 1968). Not shown are 10 sewing patterns from the late 1960s.  Thrift shop total $28.

And this Ty Punkies giraffe, I just couldn't resist him.

On to the weird and wacky.  I usually don't run into special items like the following.  This dragon lizard weirdness was discovered at a downtown Sacramento thrift shop. As for the price, I didn't ask.  

Then HE showed on my fav shopping site.

The Many Moods of Farrah doll head art piece sold on for $30.56. 

These kids look a little unsettled, I'm guessing the record is to help them fall asleep.

No bidders on the Voodoo doll with tags.

Even alligators made a showing this month.

Labeled as Made in Cuba

If decorated skulls, antlers and horns intrigue you, they can be purchased at Dragons Lair in Ukiah, California.

Babydoll mugshots just for good measure.

Sympodial orchid

We are nearly through with one more day to go in the challenge. How well did you fare?  Did you claim your Free Pass? Anything weird or wacky happen to you lately?

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