Saucy Franks and Sewing up a Storm

Preparing us for our sewing tutorial are two youngsters salivating over Saucy Franks an image from the 1963 Better Homes & Garden Junior Cookbook.

Next are sewing instructions from the 1961 BHG Sewing Book. 

A recent thrift shop find were these Felix kitchen scissors ($2.50). All I need to do is apply a touch of metal polish. The scissors are in perfect shape with a skosh of red paint missing, the sawtooth curve on the inside of the handle are used to open lids.

This bit on is right on target. California can sometimes be the Land of the Fruits and Nuts (I'm not talking the edible kind). 

I had a bit of a culture shock when I moved from a sleepy bedroom community to the center of town in Sacramento. I needed to find some unique items that I knew would be at the Sacramento Food Co-Op. It was my experience on those few times that I did venture there that there were a lot of men wearing berets and sporting goatees and doing a lot of frowning. Save the World Stuff is Serious!

Scorpion Orchid

1969 Rit Dye Ad