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Friday, April 3, 2015

I'm a little bit country

California country, that is.  I work in Sacramento but live in the rural outskirts.  You could say I am a quasi-survivalist, a half-hearted recycler. We do not live 100% off the land but the Mr. hunts and we fish for our food, subsist on well water and a wood stove, which translates to cutting and stacking your own firewood. I plant and can the summer garden bounty. Living off the land is a great ideal, but the reality is you sacrifice time and effort for that lifestyle.  

This link shows images of those that have adopted an off-grid lifestyle incredible-photos-of-people-living-off-the-grid-who-abandoned-civilization-for-life-in-the-wilderness

And another take on small town living and you-start-thinking-about-simpler-times

Madame Alexander cowboy

El Dorado County, CA

Lonely Llama

The next two images are from a rescued slide series dated in the late 1950s.

Oil can kid opts for a different look ...

Image from 1961 BHG Sewing Book

Calypso bulbosa

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