Thursday, April 30, 2015

Zipping to Ze End and I'm IFJMing

Zipper is ushering out the last day's post to the 2015 A to Z Challenge.  A German Wirehaired Pointer, she is a highly trained bird dog.  

Winter cut

Summer cut

Links to previous posts about Zipper.  
Where-streets-have-no-name and Pheasants-and-such

I settled in at number 111 on the, can't complain about that.

I visited many, many blogs this past month. I start at the bottom of the AtoZ list since the heavy hitters are usually gathered at the top (heavy hitters = the hosts and those who woke up early to place high on the sign up list).  

Each year I see challenge blogs that start out with A, then B, maybe even C, then they stop. I think they have a great premise then I wonder what happens?  Does the full import of the challenge sink in? The real troopers know what to do with the letters X and Z.  

Newly discovered and I-am-now-following blogs include an eclectic mix I am delighted to have found.

Cluckcluckbuzz - A little bit of farm life and gardening tips.

Dena's Ramblings - a Southern California attorney with a sense of humor.

J.H. Moncrieff - Official website of this horror author. 

Of Shoes and Ships and Sealing Wax and Cabbages and Kings - a long title for a wonderful site that focuses on Art of the American West.  Even though she stopped at the "U" prompt, her posts were a delight.

The Mane Point - A haven for horse lovers.

Weekend thrift shop finds included fill-a-bag for $5 with books.  I went WILD with some retro and recent children's books, two of note being the 1962 A Big Book of Satellites for You and the 1952 The Biggest Bear.

My big kid books included some cookbooks, a Larry McMurtry western and an embroidery book.

Sharing a precious pattern with you, a 1958 McCall's 2257. The cashier said she had just put that pattern out. Late 1950s graphics, the bomb *sings the last two words*!

I found a treasure trove of late 1960s, early 1970s patterns that will find their way onto my upcoming posts, one of which appears below. 

Weighing in for a last day of the month post in celebration of International Fake Journal Month.

April 30, 2015

The Plaza del Signoria in Florence Italy, one of the many places we will be visiting on our summer Italian tour.  

Rescued slide dated Feb. 1966

We will be heading to Milan for shopping at Missoni.

A pop in to Prada.

With money no object, I intend on filling my shopping bag to the brim.



Pattern of the Day from 1968. 

This fall I will be taking an online class Fashion Analysis/Clothing Selection.  I finally get to take what I consider to be a fun class, still a requirement toward my degree. I will be sure to post relevant fun facts related to the course. 

A big thank you to the Challenge hosts and to all that visited me for this romp.  Stay tuned for more.  Please post a link in comments to any upcoming challenges or hops. 

European Swamp Orchid

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