Visible Monday and Fast Fashion

Joining the crew for Visible Monday at notdeadyetstyle.  The hostest is flaunting her florals and at work on Friday we floraled up for May Day. This was a recent thrifted ensemble.

Faded Glory overblouse
Liz Claiborne print shirt
Cream boucle pants (unlabeled)
TicTacToes shoes
(Thrifted, less than $10)

Treating you to two Patterns of the Day that are just begging to be shared. I have heard rumblings that 70s flares are coming back in style, those boucle pants in the image above inspired me.



On the opposite end of the spectrum is the consumption of low quality, sweatshop-produced clothing.  Link to John Oliver's take on  His diatribe is funny and thought provoking.

My thrifting bonus of the day was this DKNY embroidered and beaded suit and a Lands End long sleeved cotton spandex shirt, the three-piece set sold to me for 3 dollars. 

I may not be reducing my wardrobe but I am reusing and recycling. I have been keeping to my one bag, one bag out rule.  A group of women from work who thrift are hosting a clothes and accessories swap.  Have you been to a clothes swap?  If so, what was your experience?


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