Saturday, May 9, 2015

Happy mommies like sparkly, shiny jewelry

What better day to talk jewelry than Mother's Day?  I have an assortment  of costume (thrifted and retail) and fine jewelry.  The image above is a thrifted pin real gold with costume jewels. One reason I cherish this particular piece is that my mother's name Phyllis is engraved in tiny letters on the back.

My mom has been more of a costume jewelry fan choosing the non-fussy styles like Marjorie Baer. I was surprised to learn that some costume jewelry pieces hold their value and even increase in value.  This Marjorie Baer necklace could list at auction for $50.  An online auction site to check out for jewelry and more is

While I love to wear pierced earrings, they don't love me and have given all of my pierced earrings to my daughter. 

I recently splurged on the purchase of a Le Vian exotics ring. It is the only ring I wear.

Pearl strands are one of my fashion mainstays, I have at least five of various lengths and colors, two of which are Tahitian pearls.

1960 Pattern of the Day

I will be wearing my Mom necklace and spending time with my daughter this weekend.

What jewelry traditions do you share in your family?

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