Thursday, May 14, 2015

Feeling Groovy

I really did not appreciate the 70s era the first time around. These recreated 70s memories are so much more fun.

1970s ML Studio suit $50 from Thrift Town

I have been holding on to this suit for the perfect time to showcase it.  I finally found these banging BCBG high heels to go with it ($8 thrifted). I could not find period shoes in my size and believe me, I tried. 

Updating this post to link up with Anne at spygirl-amb.blogspot for her 52 pick-me-up prompt of "Best Foot Forward."

If you are in the 70s mood, visit Melanie at Bag & Beret for her 
groovy-bell-bottoms-two-ways and Vix at Vintage Vixen for her purple-haze 70s maxi.  Moving my groove thang on to Patti and the clan at Visible-monday.

Thrift shopping produced a 2 CD set of reggae dancefloor grooves 1968-1974.  I will be shaking my booty to this one!

I am on vacay for the next few days AND I have finished my Macroeconomics class (pretty much, online final in a few days).  Should be receiving my degree in the mail soon.  

Adding in some tunes ~

Far out some Patterns of the Day!




Thrift shop finds included a 1945 Sewing book, a girl tool set (I know the Mr. will leave intact because they are all PINK), a Japanese ceramic of a gardening girl with a hat and a birthday stuffed animal. 

A hippy chic summer dress, 1977 Peasant Chic publication, a black Preview linen maxi dress and a teal Coldwater Creek shirt NWT.

Can you dig it?

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