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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Is that all - Day 28 topic of the 30M2D Writing Challenge topic

This 30M2D prompt "Is that all" brought to mind one of my favorite Peggy Lee's songs.


I kind of feel a letdown when these challenges end ... but then there is this feeling ~

And/or this ~

As a nod to my fellow participants, I like to do a recap of those posts I would recommend but life had a way of interfering with my plans.  I feel blessed to have found such a humorous and diverse group of bloggers - link to their interpretation of Is That All?

My next endeavor is the Blogging from A to Z April 2013 challenge.  I will be acting as a Mighty Minion as chosen by Nicole at  As of this writing, there are over 800 bloggers participating.

When the Traveling Yellow Skirt arrives from Italy, I will post my styling of the odd yellow garment.

See you round the blogosphere!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Visible Monday and "Fact or Fiction" Day 25 topic of the 30M2D Writing Challenge

This outfit is from earlier in the month.  A professional photographer came on site for the company portrait sitting.  It was about time to update - our website images were over 10 years old!

I made an attempt at putting my hair up into a French twist.  I didn't have quite as much success as my hair stylist, but it was good enough.    

Combining hops with the somewhat diverse blogs of Patti's Not Dead Yet Style

Anne Klein thrifted suit
Jones New York pastel pink collared shirt (retail)
Aerosoles gray pumps (retail)

Big hat and sunglasses and a whole lotta hair - so much fun. 

And We Work for Cheese a blog about cheese (kind of) ~ their blog header posted below.
We Work For Cheese

Anyhoo, on with the show!  Fact or Fiction, yes folks, that is the topic of the 30 Days Minus 2 Writing Challenge topic.  Link to the others that are either providing factoids or a whole bunch of fiction.

Fact or Fiction  

I am the product of J.P. Patches and Snagglepuss (heavens to Murgatroyd)!

I appeared on the television show Romper Room.

I am a graduate of the Carolyn Hansen Modeling School.

My comic strip series, entitled Sweet Nothings, was first published in 1989.

I toured Europe as a french horn player with America's Youth in Concert.

I was a violinist with the Scottsdale Symphony Orchestra.

I want to meet all of my 30M2D challenge cohorts IRL for a cheese-eating festival of absurdity in Montreal.

All fact or fiction are fact (with the exception of the first listed).  

Confucious - Day 24 topic of the 30M2D Writing Challenge

Confucious - Day 24's topic of the 30M2D writing challenge and link to the other participants in this challenge who will impart pearls of wisdom.

Hello, Mrs. Confucious here.  I have been married to Mr. Confucious for over 30 years and let me tell you having to listen to Confucious says this or Confucious says that, starts to wear on you.  How about trimming your eyebrows - do ya think it would kill you?  Or trim up that natty beard?

Here is one of your sayings:  "Never give a sword to a man who can't dance."  (Confucious)  Apparently, you have never watched Kung Foo Fighting.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Compulsively - Day 22 topic of the 30M2D Writing Challenge

The 30M2D writing challenge topic is "Compulsively" and link to my pals who are participating.

My argument in favor of compulsivity - imagine a world where no one took any chances.  I could envision that a least some of the world's great discoveries were because one of those inventors thought, "What if I combine these elements?"

If an athlete didn't think compulsively, there wouldn't be extreme sports.  You have to admit it takes a certain sort of someone and a whole lot of chutzpah to navigate down the edge of a mountain on just a snowboard.

I'm betting that some of the best recipes were a compulsive mix of ingredients, that, and perhaps a little too much wine.  Some of you might remember The Galloping Gourmet, Graham Kerr's romp through classic cooking.  It only aired in the States for two years from 1969 through 1971.  I think he drank more than he cooked.  It was one of my favorite TV shows.

I've done more than my share of compulsive acts during my childhood.  One fine day at the park, I envisioned a stunt (more likely had seen on a cartoon) where, while riding on a teeter-totter, I would flip into the air and land back on my seat on the teeter totter.  Seemed simple enough in concept but in practicality meant me ending up with a open gash on my chin.  Hmph, nothing ventured, nothing gained.  Here's to acting compulsively! 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Last Train - Day 21 topic of the 30M2D Writing Challenge

The 30M2D writing challenge topic is "Last Train" and here is my submission.  Link to the participants who may or may not have taken the last train out.

Last Train

The unthinkable had happened.  Weapons of mass destruction had hit the Eastern seaboard.  Those living on the outer perimeter of the strikes still had a option to leave the area or stay.  

Luke looked at Laura.  They were two of the many survivors of the strike that missed New York, but they didn't know that fact yet.  All communications were down.  So many thoughts were swirling in their minds.  "Are our friends and family safe?  How can we contact them?  Who is responsible for these attacks? What do we do now?"  

They had actually talked about this scenario before.  One of those "what if" games they played with their friends over a game of cards and a bottle of wine. 

They both knew there was that train, the Adirondack that traveled from New York's Penn Station with a stop in Albany with its final destination in Montreal.  It was touted as one of the 10 most scenic train rides in the world.  Scenery was the last thing on their minds at that moment.  

Luke asked Laura, "Should we do it?  Should we take the train?"  

"I don't know - maybe we should try to see if our friends can join us."  

"I don't think there is time, you know, it's now or never."  

They were inside Penn Station and heard the announcement ~


They looked at each other, the decision had been made, they held hands and headed for the Adirondack.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Other Shoe - Day 20 topic of the 30M2D Writing Challenge

30M2D Writing Challenge topic - The Other Shoe.

The other shoe is the one I left at home prior to leaving for an interview.  Oh yes, I had the other shoe, the wrong shoe, the shoe that belonged to another pair of shoes.  Not only did I have one left shoe, I had another left shoe from a totally different pair of shoes.  How the h**l did I manage that?  In my rush to leave, I grabbed one of each shoe, or one each of the other shoe.  I spent the entire interview with the right foot wearing the left shoe wrapped behind my other leg.  Eventually, I limped out of the interview, already beaten by my shoe faux paux.  I didn’t get the job.

Link to the other participants in this challenge, who, I am sure, are all wearing the right shoes. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Little Things - Day 19 topic of the 30M2D Writing Challenge

Little Things - the 30M2D writing challenge topic and link to those who can best describe the little things in their lives.

It is the little things that a person does that let you know you are loved.

It is a bunch of red seedless grapes left on the table because he knows those are your favorite.

It is dinner ready for you when you arrive home after a particularly craptastic day at work.

Most recently, it was the kindness of three strangers who stopped, calmed and comforted me before the police and ambulance arrived at Friday's car accident.

(Side note - I am still off work and recuperating).

Monday, February 18, 2013

Home At Last - Day 18 topic of the 30M2D Writing Challenge

Home At Last - the 30M2D Writing Challenge topic.  Link to the other participants who are heading home..

Home at last - that is what Zipper Von Zalez thinks after Mr. VZ hauls her out of the house for one of his hyperactive hunting excursions.  These events are full-day walking, hunting, shooting and retrieving marathons.  She will flop to the floor, accompanied with a huge groan, after her return.

We get the same reaction after we take Zipper out on the boat with us for ocean fishing.  Poor thing, I don't think she will ever adjust to the motion of the boat.  "She's a sea dog!"  Mr. VZ will holler.  "She'll get used to it."  I have my doubts ... on the last foray of the season, that involved some choppy seas, the first thing she did when she hit the dock and blessed land, was she ralphed on the marina's plank walkway.


A little back story on the Zipper Von Zalez - Mr. VZ traveled from California to Montana to buy a hunting dog from a breeder.  Zipper, along with the other dogs for sale, were chained to individual posts, spaced far enough apart so the dogs couldn't reach other.  All of the other dogs had fouled the area they were chained in, except for one dog - Zipper.  She had eliminated in one spot, as far as her chain could reach, and the rest of her area was bare dirt.  Mr. VZ knew that was the dog for him.

When Zipper arrived home, she was not socialized.  She had never been inside of a house, and it was our intent to have her as an inside dog.  She cowered in the corner and did not know what to think of us.

Now, many years later, Zipper rules the roost, she is home at last (and that, my friends, is my promised "dog" post).  This cartoon pretty much sums up my dog's existence ~

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Music - Day 16 topic of the 30M2D Writing Challenge

Music - the 30M2D writing challenge topic and link to the other music makers. 

I so love poetry and collect books of the same.  I thought this poem fit the day's topic.


I employ the blind mandolin player
in the tunnel of the Metro, I pay him
a coin as hard as his notes,
and maybe he has employed me, and pays me
with his playing to hear him play.

Maybe we're necessary to each other,
and this vacant place has need of us both
--it's vacant, I mean, of dwellers,
is populated by passages and absences.

By some fate or knack he has chosen
to place his music in this cavity
where there's nothing to look at
and blindness costs him nothing.
Nothing was here before he came.

His music goes out among the sounds
of footsteps passing.  The tunnel is the resonance
and meaning of what he plays.
It's his music, not the place, I go by.

In this light which is just a fact, like darkness
or the edge or end of what you may be
going toward, he turns his cap up on his knees
and leaves it there to ask and wait, and holds up
his mandolin, the lantern of his world.

his fingers make their pattern on the wires.
This is not the pursuing rhythm
of a blind cane pecking in the sun,
but is a singing in a dark place.
Wendell Berry

Friday, February 15, 2013

Or Else - Day 15 30M2D Writing Challenge Topic

"Or Else" - the 30M2D writing challenge topic and link to the other or elsers.

I had a totally different fun-filled post queued up for today - a baby doll mugshot and Friday's Frock, a couple of jokes thrown in and a link to Nicky's vlog where she spoke French and her adorable son did the usual things boys do in the background while mom is trying to talk ~

But the "or else" happened to me today - I was in a car accident.  Not just a "oops, sorry I scratched your bumper" kind of accident, this was a Tami driving to work on a sunny Sacramento morning and another person, we suspect talking on a cell phone while driving kind of person, ran a red a red light, T-boned my car and landed me in the hospital.

It was a morning filled with:

We should transport you with a collar and on a board in the ambulance (or else) ~
We better take x-rays (or else) ~
Why don't we take a few samples (or else)?
We better go and get the items out of the car being stored in the tow yard in Del Paso Heights (or else).

X-rays showed the ribs on my left side are cracked.  Doctor said, "We really can't treat that condition, and if you bind the area, you could develop pneumonia, or something else ..."

I know those two words all too well today.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

1st Annual Valentine's Day Boost My Blog Party, Vampire Bite Blog Hop and Where Can I Get a Good Blintz - Day 14 topic of the 30M2D Writing Challenge

Boost My Blog Party
Three linky-loos today (two hops and a writing challenge) on this heart-centric day.  First up are the two ladies listed on the badge A Rural Journal and Two Bears Farm.  
Linking with preciousmonsters for this Vampire Bite Blog Hop - shades of Dark Shadows (an American soap opera that aired in the late 60s).  
 Lilith - The Living Dead Doll is going to join forces with Tiffany and Chucky in this bite of a blogfest.  

This sums it up for me ~

Vampires, zombies - all the same to the (gorked) me. 


Anyhoo, today's 30M2D Writing Challenge topic, "Where Can I Find A Good Cheese Blintz?"  and link to the other participants that I ...

Vampire Von Zalez was on the hunt for pastry - not pasties or patsies - pastries. Now one wouldn't think that a vampire would find pastry tasty, but VVZ was a unique blend of vampire/zombie/humanoid.  He would rise in the pre-dawn hours, looking like someone who had partied hard all night at the midtown clubs, and descend upon the various Sacramento bakeries.  Freeport Bakery was his favorite and the hardest location to get to.  He had to traverse railroad tracks avoiding Sacramento City College students and Land Park residents.  

New Roma Bakery was an easier trek.  That bakery was closer to his lair - the Sacramento underground, where he usually rested undisturbed.  

Damn New Roma in those early morning hours when the baking began and the delectable smells that emanated from there drew him up and out.  

Drat!  It was Valentine's Day and that meant heart-shaped sugar cookies and pink frosted cupcakes.  He was just a vampire in search of a good cheese blintz.  This was not going to be easy, it meant there would be men, lots of them, trying to find something to give to their sweethearts.  VVZ was not to be denied, the blintz beckoned - would it be Freeport or New Roma?  He drew his cape closer and sprinkled on some of the Vampire sparkle dust, protection from the morning light.  

He decided on New Roma.  The bell on the door entry startled him and he threw up one arm, as if fending off a bat.  

"May I help you?"  New Roma girl inquired.  

"Vell, all I vant is a good cheese blintz, do you have any today?"  

"We don't make cheese blintzes on Valentine's Day, we are too busy with all of the other sweets and pastries," she replied.

"VHAT? No cheese blintzes?"  He sighed and flailed his black cape around his shoulders.  "Vhat is dis town coming to?" as he muttered to himself and disappeared.    

I found this gem ^ listed on Etsy for $175.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Unintended - Day 13 topic of the 30M2D Writing Challenge

Unintended - the 30M2D writing challenge topic.

It was certainly unintended, becoming a cat lady, but they kept arriving on my doorstep.

One by one, step by step, I kept adding cats.  "Come one, come all!"  You kitty cat critters, I must save each and every one of you.

I set up a shrine to my feline friends.

I thought I should get out of the house a little more so I tried my hand at pole dancing - the cat was better at it than I was ...

The Tyranos are even better at it ~

If you can't beat them, join them.

Jo Zilla

How I combined cat lady and pole dancing is a mystery to me.  

This is actually my (only one) cat - Xena warrior princess.

It is intended that I made this my cat post.  Link to visit those 30M2D participants with good intentions.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Day I Met Abraham Lincoln - Day 12 topic of the 30M2D Writing Challenge

The Day I Met Abraham Lincoln - the 30M2D topic.  It seems Ziva is the instigator for this topic (what was she thinking?).  Anyhoo, link to the other Lincolnites participating in this writing challenge.  

The anamatronic Abraham Lincoln at Disneyland’s Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln -- that is the one I know.  As I kid, I had every glitch and tick of his performance memorized. We always visited Mr. L during the peak of the Anaheim summer, it was one of the lower ticket rides you could go in and rest from the frantic pace of making it to all of the “E” ticket rides.  At the point he would stand, my brother and I would whisper to each other, “he’s gonna fall over!  I just know it, it is going to be this time, I swear, he is gonna fall over!"  Of course, Old Abe never did fall over.  I guess the attraction is now new and improved -- I haven't been back to visit almost tippy-over Abe.  

Monday, February 11, 2013

Road Trip - Day 11 topic of the 30M2D Writing Challenge

I am not even going to try and re-create a road trip post, linking to WWFC's June 2012 challenge post here.           Okay, so it is kinda cheating - that challenge topic was "Behind the Wheel" - still worth a looksee.  Link to the other road trippers.

My 30M2D posts will be kinda hit and miss for the remainder of the challenge - my college coursework is interfering with my fun time!~

Saturday, February 9, 2013

15 Minutes - Day 9 topic of the 30M2D Writing Challenge

15 minutes - yes, that is the topic inflicted on us by Nicky, Mike and all of their chuckling cohorts in this 30M2D quasi-challenge.  I, for lack of any other inspiration for this topic, have resorted to ...

Back at the Cheese Bar

Gruyere was inconsolable, Romano had left her (once again) - those Latin cheeses, she should have known better.  She had jettisoned Cheddar, who was stable, reliable, but not quite the same as Romano.  She was back at the Cheese Bar, showing her best sides, when Gorgonzola showed up.  

"Gruyere!  What brings you back here?"  Gorgonzola asked, somewhat surprised.  

"I have about 15 minutes to kill and thought I would nosh on a few pretzels," replied Gruyere.

"I thought you and Cheddar had something going on?"  Gorgonzola inquired.

Gruyere sighed, "The long and short of it is I am single yet again.  I admire those sliced cheeses that are prepackaged and separately wrapped.  Now, that's the life."

"No, my dear Gruyere, you would never want that - you would be tasteless and isolated.  At the very worst destined for a child's grilled cheese sandwich.  The thought of it makes me shudder.  You are so much more than that."

"I will never find happiness!" she cried.

"There, there, my dear, might I suggest a perfect solution, the two of us, Gruyere and Gorgonzola with hazelnut butter and drizzled in honey."


"Gorgonzola, I think I just might be falling in love ..."

"Come along with me my dear, you will never have to worry about being alone ever again."  

Friday, February 8, 2013

French - Day 8 topic of the 30M2D Writing Challenge

French - the 30M2D challenge topic and link to those who claim to be French, those who wanna-be Francophiles.  

French Barbie doll

Madame Alexander French doll

My three memories of a 1977 visit to France are: eating only baquettes, cheese, apples and wine purchased from a local market; falling asleep at the Palace of Versailles on a garden bench and being approached by the Palace guards shouting at me in French; and refusing to go on the Eiffel Tower tour because it required walking up an ungodly amount of steps.

I took French in junior high school - three years of it.  I remember snippets of words and phrases.  The image that is burned forever into my mind is that of my French teacher clenching her fists and hollering, "Fermer la porte!"  (Close the door!)

Lastly, the French twist (courtesy of my hair stylist).

Shout out to my mom - today is her 84th birthday!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Texting - Day 7 topic of the 30M2D Writing Challenge

Texting - the 30M2D Challenge topic and link to the other texters.

I am a reluctant texter.  I have always preferred communicating by phone or in person.  Seemingly, most under 30 years of age, prefer to communicate by text and that includes my children.  You can call - no answer.  You can snail mail - no answer.  You can message through Facebook or Skype - no answer.  But send a text and the hallelujah gates open and there appears to magical entity you have tried to establish contact with [fill in the blank] number of days.

I think it sends the message - I'll get back to you, you aren't important enough for me to communicate with right now.  Kind of like selective listening - you know, that thing you do with your partner.  They are yammering on and on and you are kind of listening, ok, you aren't listening at all, until your partner demands your full attention.  NOW I'm listening.

Texting is fraught with unknown word dangers and missteps.  Damn You Autocorrect is texting gone wrong (the link is also to DYAC's best of), here are a couple of examples:

funny auto-correct texts - The 18 Best Autocorrects Of November 2012

funny auto-correct texts - The 18 Best Autocorrects Of November 2012

Oh, wait, I've got a text ... I think I'll ignore it.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Haven - Day 6 topic of the 30M2D Writing Challenge

Haven - the 30M2D writing challenge topic.  This is a re-post from the Best of Craigslist 2009.  Still trying to sort out how someone could turn "haven" into a horrific mental image.  Link to the other participants and their chosen havens.

Originally Posted: Sun, 23 Aug 00:03 PDT

hoarders haven

Hello, I am seeking a nice room mate to share my 2 bedroom home.

You won't have to pay utilities or do any chores so it's perfect for a young person or a student.

But I cannot have anybody touching or moving my stuff because it would set off a chain reaction of emotions and feelings towards you and towards my things. Hoarding is not a mental illness, it is something environmentally responsible because I don't like to throw anything away. But the San Francisco Department of public health said my living conditions were unsafe and came in and forcibly removed my things I have been collecting for over 40 years. It traumatized me and I have been rebuilding my collection ever since.

If you are a hoarded this would be a great place because someday, it would be so full of things that we would have to sleep outside. My friend did that in LA but here it might be too cold and the city is very punitive against hoarders and homeless people. Isn't that ironic? They don't like homeless people, but they don't like people with homes either.

Please contact me by email as I am unable to get to the phone right now. I have a phone but it only rings. Once in a while I can get to it but it's so far away and very hard to get to. If you had a cell phone that would be better.

  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
Posting ID: 1337575728

With as much thrift shopping that I do, I could tip over into Hoarding Hell, but I donate bags and bags of stuff throughout the year.  Sometimes I give away too much, I'll wonder what I did with a certain piece of clothing, and I'll be damned, I will have given it away.  

My latest thrift shop finds have been concentrated in the clothing and book realm.  I so love hardcover books with color plate illustrations.  I'll enjoy those like picture books and if they aren't art or poetry related, I will recycle them back to the great Thrift Shop Beyond.

This past weekend's finds ~ countrified kitsch is the straw cowboy hat ($1.25), plaid lap quilt ($2.99), and Southwest Expressions book ($1.50).

And a cashmere (sings the word ...) neon green Soft Surroundings sweater along with the Liz Claiborne print skirt - the two for just $4!  More Friday's Frock fodder ~

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

You Better Put Out - Day 5 topic of the 30M2D Writing Challenge

You better put out .. the fire!  The 30M2D topic and link to the participants, well, you know..

I did stumble across an article published by the New York Observer on January 28, 2013 entitled The-luxury-rental-girlfriend.  It is about putting out, or not putting out, or kinda putting out.  I don't know, I'm confused by it all and I'm put out.

After the Cheese Bar

"Cheddar, I hate to tell you this but Romano and I are back to together," Gruyere said.  

"What?"  Cheddar cried, "It has only been four days since we met!"  

"Things move fast in the cheese world, with all of the melting and drizzling going on."  Gruyere replied.  "Besides, you just weren't ..... putting out."  

"How can you say that?  I am one of the most popular cheeses.  We even talked about making cheese puffs together," Cheddar sniffled.  

Gruyere said, "Sorry, Cheddar, I never promised you a cheese danish."  

Monday, February 4, 2013

Friendship - Day 4 topic of the 30M2D Writing Challenge

Friendship - 30M2D topic.  I would like to talk about bloggy friends, little did I know there was such a supportive and fun-loving community of onliners.  Link to my writing challenge friendseys.

Did you know there are bloggy boot camps?  The SITS girls hold a bloggy boot camp, with the next ones being held in Las Vegas, Nevada and Charlotte, North Carolina.

bloggy boot camp
bloggy boot camp

Those conferences look like they would be a blast.  SITS Girls also posted 4 Reasons To Attend-a-blog-conference, one of them being:

IRL Bloggy Friends

"Blog friends are real, even if you only know each other through commenting on each others’ blogs and tweeting one another.  But when you get to actually meet those same bloggers in real life, it’s a whole different level of connecting. The best part is you already know so much about each other that it feels like seeing them again instead of for the first time.  In addition to the bloggers you already know from online, you’ll meet bloggers totally new to you as well and expand your tribe. Plus, there is nothing quite like being in a roomful of people who get it when it comes to this blogging gig."

If attending one bloggy conference isn't enough, there is another scheduled in July through

BlogHer '13

Back to my writing challenge topic of "Friendship."  When I began my blog, I did with the thought that it would be fun to post my thrift shop finds.  I thought maybe a few people will read my blog and share my love of thrifting.  It is only when I started participating in hops and challenges that I started to meet other delightful bloggers.  Having a blog has proven to be more than I ever imagined and I hope to meet even more friends in the future.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

And the next thing I knew - Day 3 topic of the 30M2D Writing Challenge

The 30M2D writing challenge topic is "And the next thing I knew"  I really do take this creative writing thing seriously *coughs suspiciously* but somehow I get distracted and I branch off into unknown realms.  I swear  it really is unintended.  Link to the others, following Nicky and Mike (the WWFC hosts of this challenge), like lemmings over a cliff - weworkforcheese.

1959 - the year I was born.  While it was not all innocence and wonder in the real world, I lived a sheltered drama-free life.

The sixties brought great music and civil rights turmoil.  I clomped through time wearing my cateye glasses and wishing my parents would let me have a dog, or a horse.

The seventies ushered in bad fashion and the height of the first (and only) televised war in Viet Nam.  I didn't understand why there were protests against our own soldiers.

My recollection of the eighties was permed hair, the Cosby Show and Madonna.  Wish I could remember more of that decade - but I don't.

By the nineties, I was a parent and my world revolved around raising my children.  There were soccer games and Little League playoffs.  I wore my mom jeans.  Jobs were plentiful and money was rolling in.

Fast forward to 2013 - at lunch with an dear friend who is my same age, I asked her, "Did you ever think your life would be like this in your 50s?"  Her response was an emphatic "No."  Her background is in the art realm and once owned a successful gallery.  She is now a state worker.

I can speak for women in the 50+ range, all through our careers we were valued, sought after - jobs were there for the taking.  Now?  We are lucky to even have a job, let alone one with benefits, and the benefits have been reduced.  Some of my friends are married to husbands older (or much older) than themselves and rather being able to look forward to retiring and traveling with their partner, they face years of continued work mainly for the continuation of medical benefits.

So where am I headed with this Debbie Downer post?  It all comes down to - the next thing you know, you are 50 years old and the only thing constant is change.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hold On - Day 2 topic of the 30M2D Writing Challenge and shoes ...

Hold on! That is the topic ... link to those other participants barely holding on.

Just one New York minute - do you mean to tell me there is no "stilettos" topic for this challenge (other than, "The Other Shoe" but that is a whole nuther story).  So, hold the phone, hold your horses, hold on for the wild shoe fanatic ride.

These sweeties are one of my few retail indulgences (and a thinly veiled excuse to show off my gams) - Joan & David calla lilly shoes.  Ok, so my shoes are not stiletto, maybe wanna-be stiletto?  Let's settle on the Corgi of stilettos.

Manolo Blahnik Something Blue Satin Pump $965.00 Bergdorf Goodman
Pinned Image
Ruthie Davis Bond pumps (that also double as a crime deterrent) a mere $1,598.

For that final POP of color - Charlotte Olympia feather pumps ($1,396).

Aw heck, I couldn't wear any of those shoes if my life depended on it.  They are works of art, they are poetry in motion (for those who can navigate in them or can hold on to the nearest object as they tumble back to earth).  

Friday, February 1, 2013

Cheesy - Day 1 Topic of the 30M2D Writing Challenge

Those looking for a blog hop - seems I violated the "rules" and had to remove the reference - but the writing challenge goes on ...


It comes as no surprise that Nicky and Mike chose "Cheesy" at the lead off, seeing as how they are cheese-obsessed, working for cheese and all.  Link to the other participants in this cheesy challenge weworkforcheese.

Cheese Bar

"So, you come here often?" said the one cheese to the other.  

"I just stopped by for the beer.  My name is Gruyere."  

"Hi, I am Cheddar." 

"We were supposed to be melding together, Romano and I, in a lasagna extravaganza, but he left me for Havarti."

"I hear ya, I was destined for a ham, egg and cheese casserole," Cheddar replied.  
"How about the two of us becoming a fantastical two-cheese panini?"

"Gruyere and Cheddar?  Has it been done before?"  Gruyere inquired.

Gorgonzola blustered into the bar, "Hey, whose cheese-mobile is out front?  It is double-parked." 

"That is mine!" Gruyere said as she scrambled for the door.  

"Isn't she dreamy?  I could crumble over her," remarked Gorgonzola.

"Don't be cheese blocking," Cheddar said, "Gruyere and I were talking about a pairing."

"Oh, sorry buddy, when you see a delightful cheese like her, it just makes your mouth water."  

Gruyere re-entered the bar and Cheddar suggested to her.  "How about an old standby - macaroni and cheese?"

macaroni and cheese

"Mac and cheese - we are made for each other!" exclaimed Gruyere.  "I'm just a fool for love."