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Phantastic Pheasants

It is the time of year for pheasant hunting. This is such a bogus image of me with the pheasant, since I am merely the photog and not the hunter.  Orange is never a good look for me but it is mandatory at the hunting preserve.  Because, for some odd reason, hunters shoot at each other. Bird in flight ~ These two, Mr. VZ and Zipper, are the real stars of the day.

Fashion assignment of the week

My ongoing love for my fashion analysis class continues.  The assignment this week is to find a picture of abstract art, then select a pattern and describe the material you would use. I chose this Mid Century Modern piece by Jan Skacelik.  The pattern I would use is this 1954 Vogue vintage. Fabric I would use would be a cotton/polyester blend.   On to thrift shop jewelry - if you are buying your costume jewelry at retailers, you are missing out on the varied selection offered secondhand.  This hospice set was a bargain at $7.50. Thanksgiving preparations are in full swing - blessings to you and those cherished ones in your life.  

Coat length jacket and the cardboard cutout man

Posing with Mr. white teeth/eye patch and wearing slacks now that we have some cooler weather.   I favor coat-length jackets and this thrifted Silk Accents brand was a good find.  I've g one Visible yet again with Patti at .   1969 Pattern of the Day focuses on pants and pairings with a coat length jacket.  My fashion analysis class assignment for the week is to choose an abstract piece of art and use that as inspiration for pattern design on a garment.  I went to the Tami on site library ( I have an extensive collection of art books )  and found a work by Greta Freist.  I could see this used as inspiration for a fabric pattern.   Undated Movements in Modern Art - Abstract Art book I am hedging my bets on a class in the spring by signing up for three classes and then dropping two - so many factors right now until year end.   Countdown to Christmas posts are coming along - be sure to join me for that nearly month-long event.  

Learning Addicted and fashion assignment of the week

Hi, my name is Tami and I am Learning Addicted.  What sounds like a terrible affliction is I have earned an associate's degree and I continue to take classes.  Spring classes have posted and I am ruminating over which one to take - I am Learning Addicted.   I prefer online classes.  It allows me the flexibility to study during my breaks and lunch at work.  The big bonus is being able to study at home.  I live in a quiet rural setting where there are few distractions.   I managed to get a priority registration for the spring 2016 classes. Added to my cart are (1) Intro to Computer Information Science, (2) Legal Writing and (3) Women in History.  I would love to take all three but only one is manageable.  Legal Writing hinges on whether I get an interview for a legal position where this class is a requirement.  My family shakes their heads when I tell them I am continuing on with my education.  By the time I finish my bachelor's degree, I will be retiring ( or so they say

Pink Week and Anything Goes

Celebrating the Pinks today with Beverly at anything-goes-pink-saturday-november-7-2015l .  THE CROCKER ART MUSEUM IS HOSTING My fashion analysis class continues.  Our focus this week is color and how it is used as a design element.   Christian Dior, Spring 1961 Jean Shrimpton Vogue Brazil, August 2012 Pattern of the Day - a 1972 McCall's 3478 caftan. Half off hospice thrifting garnered fabric remnants, a cute Hawaiian hula girl mug, a pair of black mid-length gloves and other miscellany.

Thrifted art and admitting defeat

Relying on my go-to hospice thrift shop for fine art finds, I found this floral study for $3.50.  My plan at first was to tape off and paint the border of white canvas.  After I popped the canvas off the frame, I decided it was easier to turn the frame around and add a mat.  I am now stuck on what to do with the frame.  I may have to admit defeat and just have it framed professionally.  December update - rather than admit defeat, let's call it a redirection. I already had the frame, so I distressed it with a hammer and a chain from Mr. VZ's garage. When I paint with acrylics, I like to just use my fingers to smear it on, in this case in four separate layers.  The choice of a deep brown mat made the painting the frame pop! I also missed the artist's signature on my first post. I believe it is "Wald." Readers?  Admitting defeat in your professional life is a hard pill to swallow. After two months in my new job, it is clear I cannot stay.  Recently,