Coat length jacket and the cardboard cutout man

Posing with Mr. white teeth/eye patch and wearing slacks now that we have some cooler weather.  

I favor coat-length jackets and this thrifted Silk Accents brand was a good find.  I've gone Visible yet again with Patti at  

1969 Pattern of the Day focuses on pants and pairings with a coat length jacket. 

My fashion analysis class assignment for the week is to choose an abstract piece of art and use that as inspiration for pattern design on a garment. 

I went to the Tami on site library (I have an extensive collection of art booksand found a work by Greta Freist.  I could see this used as inspiration for a fabric pattern.  

Undated Movements in Modern Art - Abstract Art book

I am hedging my bets on a class in the spring by signing up for three classes and then dropping two - so many factors right now until year end.  

Countdown to Christmas posts are coming along - be sure to join me for that nearly month-long event.  

No short skirt - but a long jacket.  (One of my fav bands)


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