Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Learning Addicted and fashion assignment of the week

Hi, my name is Tami and I am Learning Addicted.  What sounds like a terrible affliction is I have earned an associate's degree and I continue to take classes.  Spring classes have posted and I am ruminating over which one to take - I am Learning Addicted.  

I prefer online classes.  It allows me the flexibility to study during my breaks and lunch at work.  The big bonus is being able to study at home.  I live in a quiet rural setting where there are few distractions.  

I managed to get a priority registration for the spring 2016 classes. Added to my cart are (1) Intro to Computer Information Science, (2) Legal Writing and (3) Women in History.  I would love to take all three but only one is manageable.  Legal Writing hinges on whether I get an interview for a legal position where this class is a requirement. 

My family shakes their heads when I tell them I am continuing on with my education.  By the time I finish my bachelor's degree, I will be retiring (or so they say).  I figure I will be seven or eight years older anyway.  With continual learning, my mind is being challenged and I don't get bored.  I am Learning Addicted. 

My fashion analysis assignment this week is to act in the role of a designer, to visit the fabric store of my choosing and select a fabric. Then create a design around the fabric and take a picture to post.  I visited Shop de Fabrique of Tami.

Bright cotton floral with black cotton

Next, select a pattern that is compatible with the fabric and sketch a design (I'm telling ya, I love this class!).  It must be a new design, not one from your portfolio.  Take a picture to post. 

My design is loosely based on the Vogue Pattern of the Day.  I wish Vogue dated their patterns, especially this retro one.  She is the latest in my batch of thrift shop acquisitions.

I wrangled up these fabric remnants for a thrift shop $5.  The polka dot print alone is six yards in length.  It will be perfect as a backing to my daughter's log cabin quilt I hope to finish before Christmas.

My Countdown to Christmas begins in 20 days.  I am working on a low pressure linkup - at the very least a parade of Ugly Christmas Sweaters!

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