Sunday, November 1, 2015

Thrifted art and admitting defeat

Relying on my go-to hospice thrift shop for fine art finds, I found this floral study for $3.50. 

My plan at first was to tape off and paint the border of white canvas.  After I popped the canvas off the frame, I decided it was easier to turn the frame around and add a mat. 

I am now stuck on what to do with the frame.  I may have to admit defeat and just have it framed professionally. 

December update - rather than admit defeat, let's call it a redirection. I already had the frame, so I distressed it with a hammer and a chain from Mr. VZ's garage. When I paint with acrylics, I like to just use my fingers to smear it on, in this case in four separate layers. 

The choice of a deep brown mat made the painting the frame pop! I also missed the artist's signature on my first post. I believe it is "Wald." Readers? 

Admitting defeat in your professional life is a hard pill to swallow. After two months in my new job, it is clear I cannot stay.  Recently, my boss presented me with nearly 3 pages of "Tami Transgressions," (my term) listing in minut detail each of the mistakes I had made over the past 8 weeks.  Never, in the entirety of my career had I been presented with such a document.  

This is not going to evolve into a pity party, it has just strengthened my resolve to find a new position and go back to the legal field. 

Here is to new beginnings, again, and have you ever had to admit defeat?  

December update - I am returning to my previous position I held with the State of California. I have gotten out of my system the idea of promotion. It is better to stay with what you are comfortable with and skilled at. It will be in the criminal law arena. While I cannot reveal details of my assignment, I am excited by the prospect of learning something new. 

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