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Benefiting from non-joy sparking donations

Having found the upholstery fabric turned cubicle wall tapestry ( highlighted here ), I have been on the lookout for heavier weight fabric. Adding these textiles to my "What I Hunt For" list was a no brainer. This modernist print came home with me for $1.50 from SPCA thrift.   I squared up the fabric and added a binding, I made one major change by including a seam binding to the back of the wall hanging. The woven acted as the stand-in "batting." The binding went on a lot smoother than my last tapestry project.  This cubicle cover will be for my new work station so the completed project will be revealed in an upcoming post. While I know I will still be a state employee, I still don't know where I will land at the end of March. Long story short - I took a two-year limited term position that did not become permanent. I rolled the dice and it came up snake eyes. Kidding aside, not all bad because I have gained job experience. I had three interviews last week,

3 Projects in Progress

Since I began participating in challenges, one a blog linkup, the other on FB, I have made fantastic progress with three projects going at once. This is the first time I have done that. Usually, I have one large project with smaller projects interspersed.  I really enjoy hand sewing. I debated on whether to take a magnolia needlepoint to an out of state trip and was glad I did as I was snowed in. Now that the kit thread is organized, the background is almost done and I can move into the detail work of the flower petals. I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with quilting the Composition quilt. It was my Art with Fabric blog hop flimsy from 2018.  Plaid hexagon quilt is pin basted. That took true quilter dedication as I use a garage work bench and it is cold down there. At least, my technique is improving as I can pin baste in about an hour.  I have surprised myself by making such progress and by having three major projects in progress.  On my wish list this year is a

March Madness and February blog hops

No, not in the basketball kind of way but in the qwazy quilting way.  Listed at the end of this post are bloggers who "dusted off their quilt books" and chose a project. I had the good fortune to buy these specialty quilt eye-candy publications for $1 each along with some fabrics thrifting. The only problem with discovering new projects and new ideas is that it takes me off on a tangent with pending projects begging to be finished.  March is National Quilting Month and to celebrate it there is an #IGQuiltFest on Instagram. It is a daily photo challenge (March 1-31) hosted by Amy's Creative Side. I participated last year and it was hecka fun. There are A LOT of upscale quilters, the ones who get all their points right and everything matches up, but I still get in a post or two.  March also means crazy quilting for me. The Quilt Qwazy Queens blog hop theme is " Choose Your Own Qwazy ." My day to post is March 15th, featuring another crazy quilt incorpor

Fabric solves everything and presenting other projects

Project #1 is a cubicle cover tapestry. I am sensitive to light and now that the weather has warmed a bit in Northern California, window blinds are more likely to be open.  Shades are semi-closed here When I stumbled onto this $4 roll of upholstery fabric, I knew it would solve my problem. It matches my workspace color scheme incorporating mint green and cream-colored cubicle walls. The tapestry blocks light where I view my monitors and makes it feel cozy.  It took very little squaring up on the textile. One problem presented was how do I sew on this dense fabric? I couldn't double it over as it would be too bulky and would break my needle. The lightbulb went off when I decided to just bind off the ends. I used the packet of pastels that came from my thrifting excursion to whip up a 2-1/2" binding.  The upholstery fabric was the perfect size for my purposes. It really was uncanny that the fabric was the exact size I needed it to be. I had not measured the space prio