Monday, February 4, 2019

Fabric solves everything and presenting other projects

Project #1 is a cubicle cover tapestry. I am sensitive to light and now that the weather has warmed a bit in Northern California, window blinds are more likely to be open. 
Shades are semi-closed here
When I stumbled onto this $4 roll of upholstery fabric, I knew it would solve my problem. It matches my workspace color scheme incorporating mint green and cream-colored cubicle walls. The tapestry blocks light where I view my monitors and makes it feel cozy. 

It took very little squaring up on the textile. One problem presented was how do I sew on this dense fabric? I couldn't double it over as it would be too bulky and would break my needle. The lightbulb went off when I decided to just bind off the ends. I used the packet of pastels that came from my thrifting excursion to whip up a 2-1/2" binding. 

The upholstery fabric was the perfect size for my purposes. It really was uncanny that the fabric was the exact size I needed it to be. I had not measured the space prior to the project. I have never worked with that type of fabric before. I did French binding on it using a thread noted specifically for upholstery fabric. 

Project #2 are potted daffodils for my co-worker friends. One just got a promotion and others just to pay it forward for the sweet things they have done for me. I will update the post after I have planted them in the containers shown above. 

In the second image above, you can see my other thrift shop finds displayed. I needed the hoop for my needlework project (I had given all of mine away for some reason). There were fabric finds, of course, and two sun dresses with clothing all being $1 each. The spring pots averaged 75 cents a piece. 

Finally, Google and Blogger don't seem to be playing nice with each other. I have always had problems will my audience being able to comment, now, when they did those comments are lost. *sighs*

Here is a message from G & B.


Polyester Princess said...

Love the cubicle cover tapestry. What a great idea, and it looks super cozy too. xxx P.S. So sorry that you had to lose your comments, that is quite heartbreaking actually.

Kate said...

Stylish and functional, what a great find and re-purposing to make your work life easier.

Marti said...

I love tapestries and used to have quite a collection of sample sizes handed down by my mother. But I donated most of them and now I hope someone who could find a use for them, like you, found them. Great idea to use it in your cubicle. I'm sensitive to light too and am always looking for a way to shade it.

Anonymous said...

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