Thursday, January 31, 2019

Plaid hexagon quilt in a low volume way

Posting my progress on No. 7 from my 2019 UFO Challenge list. This flimsy went together easily given the fact that I hadn't assembled a hexagon quilt before. As a stash buster, it chewed through my entire collection of low volumes. When I tried to find more woven plaids, I have learned they have fallen out of popularity. While that may be, I have fallen hard for this understated look. 

I finished the backing and wound that and the flimsy onto baseboards for sandwiching.  
The dark blue plaid will be centered
Linking up with patchworktimes for the UFO Challenge and quiltingismorefunthanhousework
Quilting is more fun than Housework
The second quilting challenge I am loosely following on FB is the American Patchwork and Quilting challenge of the same name. The UFO number is 3 - Bento Box quilt. I am going to make this with another fabric combination. 
Bento Box Block
The number prompt for February on this group is 6, meaning my magnolia needlepoint which is perfect because part of the month I will be visiting my mom. 

Thrift finds were quilting-related of templates (Storm at Sea and Dresden) and a skosh of fabric wovens. 

One of the groups I follow on FB is all about second hand finds. One poster asked the question: "What the heck do you guys do with the stuff you bring home? I picture homes with walls lined of museums of oddities, or are most of you resellers?"  

One lady wrote: "Three bedroom house: 1 bedroom, 1 office, 1 'stuff I bought at thrift stores/on sale' room."

My responses was: "I've got one of those rooms too, it looks like an art gallery, along with the collection of art, orchid and sewing books, dolls and random kitsch."

Another mentioned she tries to "walk away from the weirdness" and tries to limit her buying so her daughter doesn't have to "fling it all before I pop my clogs." (new death term to me~)

One posted a picture of these chopsticks, writing "I love these so hard but in deference to my marriage, I am reselling them, because my husband sometimes doesn't agree with an item's awesomeness."

A gentleman posted, "I tell everyone I'm just one emotional trauma away from a full-blown hoarder."

One gal wrote, "Almost everything is displayed on shelves and tables, floor and walls - it is eclectic. My house was once called, 'A Museum Without a Theme,' the theme is - I like it!"

Finally, one summed it up, "Everything in my house is an oddity, including me!"

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