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The Accidental Outfit

This weekend, I am participating in the biannualblogathonbash .  The kickoff of the Bash is a link to Mini Challenges.  One of the challenges is making a blog header.  I would like to include my own images in my blog header but have opted for a Blogger default header.  I changed my blog background - kinda jazzy.  Let me know if it gives you eyestrain ~ During the blog bash, I would also like to: 1.  Suggest a new blog meme or event 2.  Brainstorm ideas for the blog 3.  Remember to backup the blog Surprisingly enough, I get the most page views on thrifted outfits that I model.  The pink trimmed belldini zebra hoodie was a 25-cent yard sale find. Lucky 13 Apparel skirt - bought at Goodwill for a couple of dollars. Even the label is tres adorbs! Much to my delight, when I put the two garments together, they roawrrrr [zebra noise]. (Oops, violated a photographer's rule - I cut off one foot in the pic, but you get the gist.) Have a hootin and hollerin Happy F

In pursuit of patterns and upcoming events

I have added patterns from the 1960s through the 1970s to my thrift shop checklist.  These bevy of  beauties (pattern price 50 cents or $1.00) have joined my collection.  The first image is from 1964, the last from 1974. My birthday is the 25th of this month, let's just say it is a milestone birthday (and leave it at that). This is a shameless appeal to my audience - I know you are out there - to send me some birthday swag.  There is a birthday button up and running ... Barbie doll birthday cake (1964 Cake and Food Decorating Ideas  by Wilton) Just prior to my birthday is the  biannualblogathonbash  on June 20-23, 2014.  The hosts write: The next one is June 20-23,2014 – sign ups open May 9 Basically I suggest you aim for 24 TOTAL but NOT consecutive hours of blogging tasks all weekend but you can join in even if you can’t commit that much. Just make your own goals and do what you can. However the more you participate, the better chance you have o

Hint fiction

Linking up with  In Jaynes World  for Hint of Fiction.  There is also HintFiction  on Facebook.  Jayne writes:   The challenge:    Write a story (beginning, middle and end) that  hints  at a larger story, but is complete within itself, in 25 words or less.    The most famous piece of hint fiction was written by Hemingway:             For sale:  Baby Shoes.  Never worn.  Hint Fiction demands reader involvement.  “Why were the baby shoes never worn?” we’re left to contemplate.   It hints at much more, yet is complete in and of itself.   My contribution, prompted by these ... "Abandoned" Where did the hippy girl go? Her shoes neatly placed outside of a coffee shop door.