The Accidental Outfit

This weekend, I am participating in the biannualblogathonbash.  The kickoff of the Bash is a link to Mini Challenges.  One of the challenges is making a blog header.  I would like to include my own images in my blog header but have opted for a Blogger default header.  I changed my blog background - kinda jazzy.  Let me know if it gives you eyestrain ~

During the blog bash, I would also like to:

1.  Suggest a new blog meme or event
2.  Brainstorm ideas for the blog
3.  Remember to backup the blog

Surprisingly enough, I get the most page views on thrifted outfits that I model.  The pink trimmed belldini zebra hoodie was a 25-cent yard sale find.

Lucky 13 Apparel skirt - bought at Goodwill for a couple of dollars.
Even the label is tres adorbs!

Much to my delight, when I put the two garments together, they roawrrrr [zebra noise].
(Oops, violated a photographer's rule - I cut off one foot in the pic, but you get the gist.)

Have a hootin and hollerin Happy Friday ~

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