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Zoiks it is back to college

Spring college classes are in full swing now. I am taking online Introduction to Computer Information Science this semester.  Thrifting continues to supplement my T-shirt stash. I had culled through ones I had grown tired of or were too big. For less than $8, I picked up this lot at hospice, couple of yards of maroon Christmas themed fabric, red Dr. Peeper glasses, gray pair of lounge pants and a Blair red and white polyester shirt. I couldn't leave behind the Scooby Doo tie.  This types of items usually don't catch my eye but these three might have resell possibility. My second attempt at free motion quilting went a little better after I purchased these gripper gloves in the garden center at a discount retailer. I also buy replacement rotary cutter blades at a discounter rather than a fabric/craft specialty store, you can save a ton on a necessary quilting item.  Found a desk for the Mr. at half off day for MLK at the thrift shop. It is in great condition, to

Free Range Quilting and Fashion

What do free range quilting and fashion have in common? Only an excuse for me to dress in Western wear and link up with the gang at  for Visible Monday. Admittedly, there isn't such a thing as free range quilting, but if there were I would liken it to plein air painting. Sewing up a storm out there on the prairie ... Thrifted ensemble Unlabeled hat Jeanstar vest Levis tank top Bandolino skirt Ariat boots (retail) The title was to grab your attention as I venture into free motion quilting. Sewing together the piecework on a quilt is only half of the project, then comes the actual quilting process. Little did I know that there are all kinds of quilting stitches to choose from, free motion means you are in control of the stitch rather than the machine. You are only limited by your imagination and skill level.  The majority of my quilting knowledge has been gleaned from YouTube tutorials. One online tip was to set up a comfortable work space by

New focus for the New Year

What I enjoy about blogging is the ability to change the focus and direction of my posts. At my blog's inception I posted my thrift shop finds and participated in writing and photography challenges. Over time, I included my thrifted fashion ensembles and this past year my interest turned to quilting.  My sewing interest began in childhood. I routinely "repaired" my friends stuffed animals that had become threadbare. My mother sewed many of my childhood outfits. Even my Barbie had mom-made couture clothing.  My return to machine sewing is after a 30-year hiatus. I had been hand sewing repairs and fixes during that time. In my quilting journey, began in May of 2015, I discovered chain piecing and rotary cutters. One a great time-saving concept, the other a wonderful invention.  My essentials tips for the newbie or wanna-be quilter: 1. Initial investment is less than you think, I spent around $200 for materials (a Brother CS6000i computerized sewing machine) and