Friday, January 1, 2016

New focus for the New Year

What I enjoy about blogging is the ability to change the focus and direction of my posts. At my blog's inception I posted my thrift shop finds and participated in writing and photography challenges. Over time, I included my thrifted fashion ensembles and this past year my interest turned to quilting. 

My sewing interest began in childhood. I routinely "repaired" my friends stuffed animals that had become threadbare. My mother sewed many of my childhood outfits. Even my Barbie had mom-made couture clothing. 

My return to machine sewing is after a 30-year hiatus. I had been hand sewing repairs and fixes during that time. In my quilting journey, began in May of 2015, I discovered chain piecing and rotary cutters. One a great time-saving concept, the other a wonderful invention. 

My essentials tips for the newbie or wanna-be quilter:

1. Initial investment is less than you think, I spent around $200 for materials (a Brother CS6000i computerized sewing machine) and thrifted the majority of the fabric and thread.
2. Don't cut through more than 4 layers of fabric with a rotary cutter. 
3. Better to overestimate when it comes to fabric needs, those small  pieces can be used in scrap quilts.
4. Being precise is the key - keep to the 1/4 inch rule. 

Quilting goals for 2016 by quarter:

Q1:  Corn crib quilt for mom birthday in February. Rectangles are cut, this time around I will be more careful keeping to the scant 1/4" rule and perfecting assembly.

Q2:  Begin work on a scappy bear quilt. This is a bear paw pattern utilizing fabric scraps.  My inspiration is this blogger's creation at which she has named Squid Ink and Sorbet quilt. I have fallen in love - the gray a perfect backdrop to the color.

Q3:  Prepare Hawaiian shirt material for strip quilts in attempt to "bust my stash." I already have two bankers boxes full of thrifted material that I hope not to SABLE - stash accumulation beyond life expectancy.  

Q4:  Begin work on a Christmas quilt - pattern to be determined. This could be an opportunity quilt, meaning a quilt made specifically for a fundraiser.  


I have reached my goal of finishing the trailer quilt top at the year's end. Link to original project The-trailer-quilt-log-cabin-style

Free motion quilting is my next technique to learn. I figure if I know how to applique, it can't be too hard to learn. Quilting is an art, something that is perfected like any refined skill. 

Welcome to Quilting Journey 2016!

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