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Just Be in progress and sliding on in to Halloween

Once I have found a thrift shop swimming in fabric remnant donations, I know textile goodness is to follow.  The Wounded Warrior quilt kit I found earlier this month is at the binding stage. Now, two more delightful quilt kits that include blocks and precuts have found a new home. Thanks again to mystery quilter.   Quilt kit no. 1 is this valentine block with two rows of hearts. That I can make into a cute cubicle wall hanging - a forever keeper. Quilt kit no. 2 is a study in red and white. Some really neat blocks but only one of each. Lot of cut little pieces I am unsure whether I will take the time to assemble them. One of the selvages from my thrift batch shown above.  Work on "Just Be" first introduced as the Super Secret Statement quilt is at the pre-basting stage. Front and back were laid flat to dry after ironing and spray-on fabric sizing was applied.  On this go around, I pressed the seams open rather than to one side. Some of the joined pieces were alrea

Super Secret Statement Quilt

Never say "never" because a statement quilt was not going to be part of my agenda. I could content myself with sewing together little pieces of fabric and then giving my creations away to friends and family. A statement quilt requires an artist's statement. What message are you trying to convey? What was your process?  Some statement quilts sport offensive terms and phrases ( mine will not ). The focus of my quilt will be long-term caregiving and the challenges faced by caregivers. My project must be completed prior to November 1, so I have once again put my feet to the fire and bumped my other WIPs. Here is a link to another quilter who terms them "political" quilts - My project is not really super secret but I don't want to post the final product until after it is accepted by the panel of judges. Even then, I may not be able to post as I might have to give up my rights to the projec

Art with Fabric Blog Hop and the George quilt

Quilt compo ala Mother Earth o/k/a George - my latest creation. This is not a traditional quilt, traditional materials but not traditional method. (George quilt in the wild) So glad I was able to join in with the Art with Fabric Blog Hop. When Alida ( the blog hop hostess ) asked if I had a name for my quilt, I admitted I hadn't given it one. "George" seemed good enough. Like how they name hurricanes, maybe I should give my quilts first names. Alida describes the hop where "artists can pick can pick an inspiration piece that shows a landscape, plants and flowers, animals, the universe or humans" to interpret the theme of Mother Earth .  I knew exactly which publication I wanted to pick for my artwork inspiration - Movements in Modern Art, Abstract Art, ( date of publication unknown, best guess from the 1960s ).  I chose earth tone fabrics and freestyle patchwork pieced. I didn't want to pieces to match up exactly to better represent the image abov

So Good to be a Senior

I know that post title is not going to get a lot of hits but it is my lead-in to 1/2 off for seniors $15 haul. Look away if you are fabric phobic! Inside of the Wounded Warrior Quilt project was the front and back of a completed quilt. It is beautifully done. Since my Mr. is one of those wounded warriors, I will finish this one up for a place of honor in our living room. Thank you Mystery Quilter! I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to have stumbled onto this find.  In addition to that amazing quilt, there were calico precuts all color coordinated in their container. More than enough to make a patchwork quilt top. Really beautiful material. I am positive from the same quilter. All the work is precise cut. Because of these beauties, I am going to cull my stash and donate the not-so-pretties. I have submitted my initial images for the Art with Fabric blog hop and the project is nearly done! It was a study in freeform piecing and organic quilting.  Let's end with a Pattern