Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Super Secret Statement Quilt

Never say "never" because a statement quilt was not going to be part of my agenda. I could content myself with sewing together little pieces of fabric and then giving my creations away to friends and family.

A statement quilt requires an artist's statement. What message are you trying to convey? What was your process? 

Some statement quilts sport offensive terms and phrases (mine will not). The focus of my quilt will be long-term caregiving and the challenges faced by caregivers. My project must be completed prior to November 1, so I have once again put my feet to the fire and bumped my other WIPs. Here is a link to another quilter who terms them "political" quilts -

My project is not really super secret but I don't want to post the final product until after it is accepted by the panel of judges. Even then, I may not be able to post as I might have to give up my rights to the project once it is submitted.

I am considering tying off the quilt sandwich rather than quilting it. It is a basic, beginner-friendly method of finishing off a quilt.

Thrifting produced my usual finds of clothes, vintage patterns, remnant fabric and a few Christmas CDs. I have almost made my goal of 25 thrifted holiday-related CDs for the Countdown to Christmas posts I will begin preparing next month.

Have you ever made a statement quilt or would you consider making one? 

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