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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Just Be in progress and sliding on in to Halloween

Once I have found a thrift shop swimming in fabric remnant donations, I know textile goodness is to follow. 

The Wounded Warrior quilt kit I found earlier this month is at the binding stage. Now, two more delightful quilt kits that include blocks and precuts have found a new home. Thanks again to mystery quilter.  

Quilt kit no. 1 is this valentine block with two rows of hearts. That I can make into a cute cubicle wall hanging - a forever keeper.

Quilt kit no. 2 is a study in red and white. Some really neat blocks but only one of each. Lot of cut little pieces I am unsure whether I will take the time to assemble them.

One of the selvages from my thrift batch shown above. 

Work on "Just Be" first introduced as the Super Secret Statement quilt is at the pre-basting stage. Front and back were laid flat to dry after ironing and spray-on fabric sizing was applied. 

On this go around, I pressed the seams open rather than to one side. Some of the joined pieces were already pressed to the side to I just left them that way. 

Amazingly enough, the pink backing for the quilt, along with the batting were just the right size. Each piece of the quilt had been thrifted, not a skosh of retail fabric. I had considered adding side panels to the quilt but I think it told me it was just the right size and that I shouldn't monkey with it. Quilts do take on a life of their own. 

I am still participating in Mrs. Brimbles boo daily prompts on Instagram through month's end. Check out my posts as tamaschen. 

Posting a 1969 Simplicity Pattern of the Day with fall inspired outfits.

Northern California forecast for the week is 80 degree temperatures, not quite time to bring out the cooler weather clothing. 

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