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Counting down, being visible and hat attacking

Welcome to the Countdown to Kitschmas, celebrating all things kitschy and Christmasy.  I will feature "What I'm Listening to" Christmas music from rescued thrift shop CDs, Christmas cakes and other ephemera.  An ugly Christmas sweater will make an appearance, along with kitsch discovered on the internets from sites such as and Etsy.   This labor of love gathering images continues all year long.  The hardest to find are the Christmas publications from the 1950s and 1960s.   Christmas felt Santa is a thrift shop rescue.  He hangs permanently in front of my black curly lamb coat with fur collar labeled "Winter."   This month can't go by without a fashion linkup!  The amazing Judith at stylecrone  is hosting Hat Attack #17.  My commando thrift shopping has paid off with some unique hat finds for linkups into the New Year.   Dark green wool hat (recent thrift shop find) Charter Club Christmas sweater (retail) I am posting a da

Where the Streets Have No Name

For some reason, I kept thinking this month's challenge theme with PJ at hoohaablog  was "And Then There Were None," is actually "Where the Streets Have No Name."  I believe my images fit into both themes for this time of year is Pheasant Hunting Season.  Mr. VZ, an avid sportsman, didn't have the chance to travel out of the grand state of Caleeforneeya for bird hunting.  Bird hunting in California is a sad state of affairs, esp. hunting for pheasant.   There is this farming practice called "Clean Farming" where nothing is left on the ground for birds or critters. The land is bare but for the dirt, not conducive to hatching baby birds.   There are little to no wild pheasants in Northern California so he resorts to hunting at a preserve.  Anyhoo, on to the  images ... So this one is the cheater image of the challenge, Mr. VZ took this one for me, in my non-traditional pheasant hunting attire - hey, as long as I am wearing orange.  Orange is ma

Can I get a thrift, thrift?

I couldn't pass up this Norleans ceramic girl with puppy, how could I?  She is sporting a platinum-hair ponytail! Thrift Town thrift shopping scored a Charter Club cashmere sweater ($9.99), and some $1.99 t-shirts.   A major blog hopping event is coming up this January.  You have until January 17th to sign up with Vicki at 2 Bags Full .  There are a number of crafters, fabric artisans, quilters, photographers, all around neat people to meet and greet.     There is a writing challenge in January too, over at A lil hoo haa.   So there will be no weekends for the challenge, just Monday-Friday. That means the dates will be: January 5-9 January 12-16 January 19-23 January 26-30 P.J. is calling for theme ideas, I might just have to throw out some weird ones, just for kicks and giggles.  My Countdown to Kitschmas begins December 1, an amalgamation of Christmas kitsch!

Share in Style - Hoofing it

Share-in-style  theme this month with Ms. Papelicos is SHOES! BCBG pumps Just for good measure, linking up with Sheila and  Ephemera  for Shoe Sine #14.     Carol Little linen shirt Charter Club plaid skirt (both thrifted) Linking up with Patti for Visible Monday. SIT Girls writing prompt of this day, "What Does It Mean To Live Boldly?"   I interpret that in the fashion sense, to be fearless and bold in your fashion choices, to utilize color, accessories, vintage and new pieces to create a new look.   On the body positive front there is this YouTube video, a parody on skinny jeans.   And an article about the Mindy Project's Mindy  Lahiri's Why Mindy Lahiri is our Self Image Idol My Countdown to Kitschmas starts December 1.  Come visit for fun images of kitschy Christmas!   Here is my new leopard-spotted green-eyed kitty, Bella.  Missing for over a month, I thought she had been taken by one of the predators at the