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Friday, November 28, 2014

Where the Streets Have No Name

For some reason, I kept thinking this month's challenge theme with PJ at hoohaablog was "And Then There Were None," is actually "Where the Streets Have No Name."  I believe my images fit into both themes for this time of year is Pheasant Hunting Season.  Mr. VZ, an avid sportsman, didn't have the chance to travel out of the grand state of Caleeforneeya for bird hunting.  Bird hunting in California is a sad state of affairs, esp. hunting for pheasant.  There is this farming practice called "Clean Farming" where nothing is left on the ground for birds or critters. The land is bare but for the dirt, not conducive to hatching baby birds.  There are little to no wild pheasants in Northern California so he resorts to hunting at a preserve.  Anyhoo, on to the  images ...

So this one is the cheater image of the challenge, Mr. VZ took this one for me, in my non-traditional pheasant hunting attire - hey, as long as I am wearing orange.  Orange is mandatory at the preserve, so other hunters know you are not pheasant ...

The Mr. was slightly off kilter when he took this shot.  

Zipper retrieving through the weeds and brambles to bring back the bird.  

The Mr. exhorting the dog on the proper hunting technique.  

Cooling down in the creek after a long day's hunt.  

Bonus image - it is not every day you have a llama wandering around in your front yard.  The neighbors have llamas - god knows why - they are not a particularly friendly creature and not good to eat.

Please visit the other participants, who may still be trying to find their way on those unnamed streets.  

Kitsch and such will begin December 1 for my annual countdown.

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