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Quilty Orphan Adoption

The 2019 Quilty Orphan Adoption event is in full swing over at  quiltingismorefunthanhousework . I think this might be my third year participating. Since I am routinely gifted by the thrift gods of wonderful fabric remnants and partially completed quilt blocks, I want to share the love.  Here are some more details: 1.  I am going to ask that any "orphan" linked up must be given away  for free .  (If you are wanting to destash for money, there are other venues to do that on.)  I think it is fair that if you need to, you can ask that shipping costs be paid.  Just be sure and put that information clearly in your post.  And know that both parties enter into the deal at their own risk.  I hold no responsibility. 2. Have clear pictures and descriptions on what you are putting up for adoption. 3. Define the criteria for how you will decide who will adopt the item.  Is it a random number giveaway, do you only want it to go to charit

Qwilt Qwazy Queens and the Doodle Quilt

Welcome to My Day of the Qwilt Qwazy Queens blog hop hosted by Marian at seamstobesew .  She describes the event as: This year, the theme is, choose your own Qwazy… Have you made a project that just turned out plain crazy? Perhaps your currently making your crazy project. It can be a quilt, a wallhanging, even a pair of potholders. Perhaps it’s a project that you created that didn’t turn out quite right… Let’s have some fun and see what you’ve done. While I have done the patchwork crazy block before  here , I wanted to expand on my initial project for this hop. Loved the shiny fabric look, perfect for a wall hanging. I made a few more blocks for this hop but I just wasn't feeling it. My project didn't "spark joy," a prerequisite to proceeding forward.   Around the turn of the New Year, I bought a box of fabric and quilting magazines from an online auction site. The publication date of the magazines ranged from 1977 to 1982. It appears during that time frame,

Committing to Hand Quilting

I have tossed around the idea of hand quilting one of my creations and I have chosen the plaid hexagon to do that. I bought the thread just for that project, so now I'm committed. *grins* One of my fav hospice thrift shops finally dropped a bag of vintage fabric. It didn't surprise me since I bought the Franklin sewing machine from the same location the week before. The cutest from the $4.50 bag of fabric are shown in my lead-off image.  Thrift shops are getting so popular, you almost have to be there when the racks of items are rolled on to the floor. That was the case with this bag. Trendy, cute clothing is snapped up quick.  A scrap quilter's dream, all of the fabrics are usable for me. The sewing machine print selvage is dated 1993 and there was a receipt for fabric dated from 1995. Lots of red prints, a color I needed to plump up my stash.  My current project is for the Quilt Qwazy Queens blog hop. I was making great progress until I decided to quilt witho

Officially permanent and a Franklin joined my troop

I have been on pins and needles these past few months not knowing whether I could continue working as a legal analyst in my current department. A permanent position was offered and I am delighted to continue working there. Being a public servant provides stability and I enjoy the work. Having secured this career path, I can continue my college coursework for a paralegal certificate.  The California State Fair has posted its Fiber Crafts 2019 Guide. After looking over the categories, I may be able to enter one of my quilts under Division 165 - Other Fiber Art, or Division 199 - Modern Quilts. I am tending toward an entry in Modern Quilts hoping to place in the ribbon category.  I had told myself that I wasn't going to buy any more vintage machines, but this one I just couldn't pass by priced at $45, it was half off day. It is heaviest of all machines I have purchased so far, I couldn't lift or even drag it. It is time to get a sturdy sewing cabinet  for these heavier mac

Sometimes progress is slow and go

On my UFO Challenge list, February prompt No. 10 qualifies - the Art with Fabric quilt. This has been in unfinished mode since last year. I have been chipping away at it, shooting for matchstick quilting or very close to it. I have called it the "monster" behind its back, so heavy and bulky. Lawd, how I wish this was a finish like right now.  Next to composition quilt is the plaid hexagon in pin basted stage. My basket of goodness, WIPs, wanna be WIPs and a few fabric pulls. The prompt for the linkup group is 6, my magnolia needlepoint. I am about a third of the way through that project.  So we move into March with the blog linkup prompt being 4 ( black/cream/pink quilt ), and the FB challenge prompt as 8, a Mariner's quilt. Thinking I will punt on both prompts. Half on my To-Do list are wanna be, they wanna be quilts but I don't have a solid concept of color and design. I also would like to get back to my No. 1 - basket block quilt began at the end of 2