Monday, March 4, 2019

Officially permanent and a Franklin joined my troop

I have been on pins and needles these past few months not knowing whether I could continue working as a legal analyst in my current department. A permanent position was offered and I am delighted to continue working there. Being a public servant provides stability and I enjoy the work. Having secured this career path, I can continue my college coursework for a paralegal certificate. 

The California State Fair has posted its Fiber Crafts 2019 Guide. After looking over the categories, I may be able to enter one of my quilts under Division 165 - Other Fiber Art, or Division 199 - Modern Quilts. I am tending toward an entry in Modern Quilts hoping to place in the ribbon category. 

I had told myself that I wasn't going to buy any more vintage machines, but this one I just couldn't pass by priced at $45, it was half off day. It is heaviest of all machines I have purchased so far, I couldn't lift or even drag it. It is time to get a sturdy sewing cabinet  for these heavier machines. 

On the flip side of my sewing machine purchases, I haven't sent any to the repair shop yet and incurred that cost. The Franklin has all of its feet, two bobbins and what looks to be a replacement pedal. The wiring on the attached light looks a little suspicious. The machine is mounted on a wood base that slides out of the case. 

My other finds for that day included high loft batting ($3), two new dress shirts, one white/one black and a graphic Wonder Woman t-shirt.  

Quilt Qwazy Queens blog hop begins on March 15th, my day to post my crazy quilt creation is March 20th. 

If you are on Instagram, be sure to visit me at tamaschen posting daily for the #IGQuiltFest. 

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