Saturday, September 30, 2017

It's a Material World

One of the things I enjoy about buying secondhand fabric is learning how "old" they are. Most of the time the dated selvage is either missing or the fabric unlabeled. Not so with my last batch, which had not one but two labeled remnants one from 1999 and the other from 2002. In addition, there were three fabrics selvage labeled as 25th Anniversary Special Edition Country Florals. 

After I finish my last WIP, a Christmas lap quilt, next up is plaid! My plaid remnants have been ever growing and when I saw this quilt, on by Sally Socolich, I thought it perfect for my skill level. It is described as a deceptively easy block.

And another by Mabry Benson, (image below), I am itching to start one of these. It took some looking but finally found this pattern called Storm at Sea.

I've bookmarked a YouTube tutorial. I love that there is no talking, just the procedure is shown.

Inspired by Vix at Vintage Vixen who shared the-joy-of-small-things. I'd like to share a few of the things that I brought home from my mother's estate cleansing (for lack of a better term).

First is this Shirley Temple doll, I believe an Ideal brand in a place of honor on my bookshelf.

The Eskimo boy doll has been in my possession for some time, the Eskimo girl doll has now joined him.

Our family's souvenir spoons from around the world. They hadn't been displayed in over 30 years. 

Thrifting update: Retro Girl Scout uniform, size 6, probably paid more for it than I should have. I am going to sew on the labels that are stapled the sash and perhaps list on Etsy.

Just for fun stuff - a Jimi Hendrix reproduction t-shirt, lidded jar and pair of plaid shorts. I am going to wear the shorts with the shirt!

I found 4 more Christmas CDs which brings my total of 18 for a goal of 25. I highlight these rescued CDs on my annual Countdown to Christmas.  

Finally, event update - the Art with Fabric Blog hop will begin next month. I am featured on October 10. My fabric interpretation is nearly finished!

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