Monday, September 25, 2017

Basting without Borders

This weekend's finds were fabric remnants nothing of note but good quantities and basic colors that will quickly find their way into one of my projects. 

Preparing for the Art with Fabric Blog Hop, I have adjusted my basting technique. Banned from the man cave and relegated to outside, I located a workbench even though dusty and dirty. I utilize long boards and wrap the fabric around them - the picture better illustrates it. With each quilt I try to improve my technique, from using spray basting to pin basting or the real thing. This time I opted for pin basting and used a fabric stabilizer spray. No puckers or smuckers, as I like to call them.  

Important business going on in the man cave.

I have nominated myself CEO of Basting without Borders. Basting on buses, basting in the wild, basting should occur spontaneously.

Do you baste and do you seek out new and exciting places to do it? 

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