Saturday, September 2, 2017

Singer Stylist 513 Score

I was finally able to venture up country to a couple of my favorite thrift shops. The first I can usually rely on for fabric and today's find was material for a baby quilt. These prints look reproduction to me, I still love them!

In addition to the material, there was batting (score!), interfacing, a frame and a 1978 publication on Ikebana.

Thrift shop stories. There is something about thrifters, most are easy to talk to and some will share the story of why they are buying what. That was the case this weekend, one lady was in line with scads of ties and a tie rack. It turned out she was buying them for the boys in a music ministry in the Phillipines.

On my second stop, as I was walking into hospice thrift, I overheard someone at the counter say, "Does the sewing machine work?" That was music to my ears, I immediately headed over to the sewing section and snagged it for 1/2 off day. Price at $18.50, I paid $9.25. At first glance, I thought it was a Singer 300 or 400 series.

Let's look inside ~
It is a Singer, a Great Britain model, Stylist 513.  It zig zags, a stitch I need! *sigh of relief* The free motion quilting foot I bought for the vintage Singer works for this machine. I believe it is called a short shank? After struggling with that other Singer, this one worked right off the bat. I put some oil on the front gear work and in the bobbin casing metal parts.

It is a British sort of month for me. I am having a blast posting along with the seamcollective on Instagram @tamaschen for this month's #septtextilelove or as I have nicknamed it fabric fondness. I have had the good fortune of seeing textiles creations from mainly fabric artists in the British Isles. You can follow along with my Making of the Muu Muu.

Signing off with an image from my Ikebana book, now the second publication of this type that I have acquired.

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