Monday, September 11, 2017

Thrift effects of the recent heat wave

If I ever get around to doing a Master's Thesis, my focus would be societal shifts and how they are reflected in thrift shop donations. For example, the thrift shops have been inundated with donations the past month. My theory it is directly correlated to people being confined indoors with the heat wave.
I had also noticed over the years a lot of big heavy furniture donations. At first, I attributed it to the recession and people moving into smaller places.  But what I have read is as boomers are downsizing (or dying), their kids and relatives are less likely to snap up large pieces of wood furniture.

I happened to land at a thrift shop in Jackson, California that was filled to the brim with items all 50% off. I could tell they had received donations from a "multi-crafter." There was a spinning tower filled with fabric of all types, skeins of yarn, patterns and rubber stamps, etc. I picked the best of the cotton yardage and precuts. As is my practice, with my new batch of fabric I include yardage in my latest creation.  I will soon reveal after I complete the binding process for my vintage fabric quilt.

Not pictured are Christmas items bought for next to nothing that I am photographing for my Countdown to Christmas.

Included in my find at that shop were these sew-on appliques. I am on the hunt for flared jeans so I can hippie chick them out.

Upcoming post to feature free projects for a Quilty Adoption Event. Check back in a couple of days!

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