Friday, September 1, 2017

Textiles and thread go together like ...

I have learned to appreciate the difference in thread quality. I went through my 6 large vases that hold my thrifted thread, culled out the partials and barely woven ones. I keep the spent wooden spools, sentimental reasons, I guess. Maybe a Pinterest project in the making ... I post on that website as Tami Von Zalez.
I am currently quilting with a Mettler brand and used that thread to quilt the patriotic quilt. I am choosier with thrifted thread.
I think it was a good idea to rely on thrifted thread and material for my beginning quilting years. As I improve, I want to use better quality fabric and thread to highlight my work. I would have hated to make mistakes on expensive fabric. And I have made some doozy mistakes. My last project, intended to be a quilt, turned into essentially a table runner. If I don't pay attention to block construction, I end up with hit and miss matchups.

Changing gears - I have read that some Baby Boomers try to recapture their childhood by collecting toys and such. While I have not been able to replace a couple of my collector dolls, I have gained others. Another item missing from my childhood is a charm bracelet. Both my mom and I had charm bracelets filled with charms from Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm and other places we had traveled. We can find neither one. I am bent on replacing mine. Of course, it won't be exactly what I collected as a child but I can fill it up with simply silver love, including a sewing machine charm.

Under my Making Mischief category, I just adore Instagram photo challenges. Finding them before they actually start isn't easy though. I found another group across the pond hosting a "textile love" challenge. I think I qualify! Quilters love textiles, in fact we hoard them!!! 

I could have fun with some of these posts. I mean what are the hosts going to do? Kick out the rouge quilter?
I will be posting as "tamaschen" - feel free to join me! 

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