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There's a new machine in my life

As you progress into fiber art crafting/quilting, you discover it is nice to have more than one sewing machine. There are some sewing machines I just plain out WANT but can't justify the expense. Part of my challenge to myself is to keep this craft as inexpensive as possible. Buying the majority of fabric secondhand is one way and finding vintage sewing machines is another. $38 with case I squealed when I saw the baby blue color. I didn't even open the case all the way, I just drug/carried it to the front from the back of the store where it had been hiding under a table. This guy is heavy! I couldn't test it as one of the cords is deteriorated and needs replacement. The light bulb is intact, there is no rust and the belt looks to be in good shape. I see a lot of sewing machines come through thrift and I check them all. I have made a few machine purchasing errors in the beginning and have since sent those back to the Great Thrift Shop Beyond. I have learned mainly a

Party on with the Picnic Quilt

This was first named wallflower quilt because that is how I think of pale yellow or gray fabric creations. Next name came to mind was Picnic Quilt because I intended it on being a large square, but it ended up being a twin bed sized or large lap quilt.  Linking up with  amyscreativeside   Linking up with  crazymomquilts  for Finish It Up Friday (monthly linkup) For the backing, I went "all me" using pineapple print and My Little Pony flannels. I am an adult MLP fan and thought "why not?" use that remnant fabric to finish off this quilt. I had all sorts of difficulty at the quilting stage. I thought all the blocks had squared up but Nooooo , and the gray thread I chose was lackluster. When I switched to dark blue thread for quilting on the diagonal, it was the right choice. I thanked for posting her diagonal quilt finish. It caught my eye because it was a serpentine stitch but my Singer let me work only in straight line.  This

Blogger's Quilt Festival, Entry 1

Apologies to my audience on this re-post but it has to be a new one for entry into the Blogger's Quilt Festival. I am furiously binding my picnic quilt for a second entry into the festival, will I finish in time? This is my Indianapolis Colts Quilt, first posted  here.   I began with less than a yard of scraps from the Mr.'s daughter.  The backing was flannel colts and a plaid.  Link to  event It is interesting that as a I gain experience quilting (now nearly 5 years under my belt), that my tastes have changed. In the beginning, I was easily wowed by anything and everything that was posted by quilt bloggers and pinners. As you develop your own technique, you gain a discriminating eye. Ya'll know what I mean, that experienced quilter is going to see right off that your points don't match and fabric meant to point one direction heads off in another.  I greatly appreciate when other quilters post about their travails and struggles with certain quilts. It seem

There is always something to be working on

#2018MonthlyColorChallenge September Red Violet I had so wanted to finish a quilt this weekend but my usual machine went sideways. For some reason, free motion quilting is beyond its capabilities. Perhaps that is a good thing, as it is hard on my wrists too.  Quilting provides many different activities one can do during the creative process. You can be cutting the fabric to the lengths needed, patchwork piecing, squaring up the blocks, assembling the quilt top, sewing together the backing, putting together the quilt sandwich, basting, quilting and binding. I chose to do piecework. This is a test block for my daughter's quilt. The finished size is 8" but when I refine it ( and do it correctly from the pattern book ), should measure as a 12" block. That quilt will have more of a fall palette.  Linking up with Jen at   for the September Color Challenge.   Half off day at Hospice thrift was a romp. The contents of the box totaled $