Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Blogger's Quilt Festival, Entry 1

Apologies to my audience on this re-post but it has to be a new one for entry into the Blogger's Quilt Festival. I am furiously binding my picnic quilt for a second entry into the festival, will I finish in time?

This is my Indianapolis Colts Quilt, first posted here.  I began with less than a yard of scraps from the Mr.'s daughter. 

The backing was flannel colts and a plaid. 
Link to event
It is interesting that as a I gain experience quilting (now nearly 5 years under my belt), that my tastes have changed. In the beginning, I was easily wowed by anything and everything that was posted by quilt bloggers and pinners. As you develop your own technique, you gain a discriminating eye. Ya'll know what I mean, that experienced quilter is going to see right off that your points don't match and fabric meant to point one direction heads off in another. 

I greatly appreciate when other quilters post about their travails and struggles with certain quilts. It seems some projects go together easier than others.  

Finally, I am eternally grateful that those experienced quilters didn't criticize my early work. Some of it was a hot mess but hey, you've got to start somewhere ~

Now go and visit all of those other wonderful fiber artists!

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