Sunday, September 23, 2018

There's a new machine in my life

As you progress into fiber art crafting/quilting, you discover it is nice to have more than one sewing machine. There are some sewing machines I just plain out WANT but can't justify the expense. Part of my challenge to myself is to keep this craft as inexpensive as possible. Buying the majority of fabric secondhand is one way and finding vintage sewing machines is another.
$38 with case
I squealed when I saw the baby blue color. I didn't even open the case all the way, I just drug/carried it to the front from the back of the store where it had been hiding under a table. This guy is heavy! I couldn't test it as one of the cords is deteriorated and needs replacement. The light bulb is intact, there is no rust and the belt looks to be in good shape.

I see a lot of sewing machines come through thrift and I check them all. I have made a few machine purchasing errors in the beginning and have since sent those back to the Great Thrift Shop Beyond. I have learned mainly about Singers since that seems to be the dominate machine for vintage here in the U.S. Now, I will be learning more about the Morse line of machines. Here is a neat video on it:
On auction, I had been eyeing an orange Husquavarna in its case. 
But total cost would end up to be around $200-$250 and a tune-up for $100-$150. The expense on the Morse will total $150-$200. Of course, both machines would hold their value once repaired and maintained. 

My neatest find of late - this collection of embroidered red thread squares. I think a red plaid would look adorable with these. 

In any craft, you revel in what truly makes you happy. I am at my happiest when I can create a quilt top loosely following a composition from a 1960s artist. With the Art with Fabric blog hop coming up next month, I am halfway through my first flimsy. It is my intention to enter this quilted wall hanging in next year's California State Fair. My second quilt top I would like to base on the start-with-a-square concept. I would really have to step up my free motion quilting game, I am hoping the Morse will be an easier machine to work with.
What makes you happiest when you are crafting?

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