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It wasn't me and wedding quilt prep

Leading off with "What do you do when the Mr. discovers your stash?" Fabric stash people , the other stuff is legal here in Northern California.   Do you claim it isn't yours? Do you insist you are holding it for someone else?  Do you find other hiding places?  Do you feign ignorance? (It wasn't me) I'm so busted.  Progress on the wedding quilt patchwork piecing is turtle pace, but coming along. This is totally off list for any of my quilting challenges, but I decided this would be an amazing gift for my hair stylist June bride.  First layout revealed I need to make more blocks. I was going to border and sash the four patches in grey, but now I think I will just sew the four patches together on point and finish off the corners and edges in gray. I am determined to make this quilt from just my stash.  Second layout just to get a head count revealed I still needed more blocks, thinking 12 ought to do (I am just about out of all low volume fabric at this

Sometimes it's a unicorn in the laundry room

I admit I am a kid at heart, this thrifted Circus Circus Las Vegas plush joined my collection.   I picked up this trio of mystical creatures a few years ago. The Friends Cherish Each Others Dreams unicorn cross stitch was also  a thrift shop find. Rounding out this passion for purple is my hydrangea. Quilting and sewing have taken a back seat to gardening now that our weather has turned gorgeous. This is my first year I have made a concerted effort to start my garden from seed. It is a lot of work! I take the sprouted seed and plant it in a bio degradable or leftover planters. They then await permanent planting in the greenhouse.   The beds outside the greenhouse are planted with zucchini, arugula and heirloom tomatoes. Another bed is planted with aloe vera, now joined by rhubarb ( 2 year nursery matured ) and an artichoke. Once summer dries all of the surrounding vegetation, we might have to electrify the fence to keep deer out.   One year we had the start of a wonderous

Going Gonzo Gardening

As a follow up to the Quilty Orphan Adoption, a small group of quilters that offer fabric, quilt blocks, etc. to other quilters, I sent out two boxes, recipients posted here , and threw my name in for these seminole bands offered by Nann at . Even prettier in person She mentioned she might send fabric, or a book, or a pattern, and Boy Hardy, did she! All kinds of fabric, a pattern and a slew of books with my favorite being an OBW (one block wonder) and Mad about Plaid. My interest in a colorwash quilt is waning and my interest in an OBW has taken hold.  My hair stylist is getting married in June and I would like to surprise her with a low-volume bed-sized quilt utilizing fabric remnants of pastels. I did a fabric pull and cut 5" squares, chain pieced a few and will see how it turns out.  Linking up with Jennifer at   for: Thrifting didn't produce much even though I hit up 5 shops. My finds included a summer

Quilting IRL

Having taken the month of March off for quilting challenges, April's prompt for UFO Challenge over at Patchwork Times is 11. That was my patchwork crazy prompt highlighted on  qwilt-qwazy-queens-and-doodle-quilt . The FB prompt for American Patchwork & Quilting's UFO Challenge is 5. The vintage blue quilt is in the queue but I am not ready for it. I continue to winnow down my fabric stash by giving it away to thrift shops or on a quilty-orphan-adoption .  I had the California holiday of Cesar Chavez on April 1 and finished a project sent off to the longarmer. The creation will be highlighted on the Nifty Novelties blog hop, my post to go live on May 24.   Looking ahead, I have three quilts in sandwich form. My machine has gone to the shop with it skipping stitches when I use the walking foot.  I really have to turn my attention to piecing my daughter's quilt. I won't have to worry about running out of fabric because I bought more than enough.  Finally, I f